Research notes from lecture by Dr. Yvonne Simpson

Orkney folk tales are rife with stories of sea monsters - could they be based on fact? Almost 200 years ago a huge carcass was washed ashore in Stronsay. Was it really a decayed basking shark - or are there strange beasts lurking in the sea around Orkney?

Lecture description, Orkney Science Festival 2001
Welcome to the Stonsay Beast website.  Here you will find the original eye-witness descriptions of the beast along with sketches and the history of the case. There are photo's of the remaining specimens and pictures of those now lost.  I have made available my research into the possibility that the Stronsay Beast may have been a decayed basking shark, and ruled out creatures it could not have been.  If you have any comments then please
e-mail me.
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Stronsay Beast Sketches
Stonsay Beast's actual remains
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Wernerian Society report
What could Stronsay Beast have been?
Decayed Basking Shark?
Orkney Legends of Sea Monsters
Sea Monster sightings in Orkney
Recent creatures from the deep washed up in Orkney
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Read all about the Stronsay Beast and other possible cryptids in this book!
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