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12 Mid-shore Patrol Vessels

April 2007

Eight of these mid-shore patrol vessels were announced in Budget 2006 and four in Budget 2007. Seven are intended to replace CCGC Québécois, Cumella, Atlin Post, Sooke Post, Kitimat II, Arrow Post, Comox Post, and one is new.

Vessel Purpose</p>

  • to provide a platform for enforcement activities falling under the purview of the Criminal Code and / or the Fisheries Act
  • primarily to monitor and patrol vast areas of ocean, the Great Lakes and Seaway, including coastlines and international boundaries in an expeditious and cost-effective manner
  • provide a Government of Canada presence in Canadian waters and discouraging threats and illegal activities
  • used for enforcement of Fisheries Acts and Regulations, Aquaculture Regulations, including aboriginal, commercial sport fishing activities and habitat protection, as well as the provision of support to other Government Departments to assist in the enforcement of their mandates

Crew Size

  • crew of approximately 8 to 10
  • capability to carry several RCMP Officers or Fisheries Enforcement Officers, depending on the program requirement or area of deployment

Vessel Specifications

  • not greater than 43 metres in length
  • top speed of 25 knots
  • capability to stay at sea for several days without reprovisioning

Expected Delivery

  • first of vessels is scheduled for 2009 (Central and Arctic)
  • remaining are scheduled for regular intervals thereafter until 2014 (Central and Arctic, Quebec, Maritimes, and Pacific regions)


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