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Nearly two decades after their heyday, these peroxide L.A. gods still sound good, and these megabright, glam covers of classic songs -- Sweet, Bowie, Stones and, er, Loggins and Messina -- make sense given Poison's debauched history. But do you really need to own a hair-metal version of Jim Croce's "You Don't Mess Around with Jim"?


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maverickjhs08 writes:

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I agree with the person that dissagrees with the other reviews. I am a HUGE Poison and Alice Cooper fan and the cover of "I Never Cry" was absolutly fantastic. "Just What I Needed" was also verry well done. For the person that said they didn't put any emotion in the album, listen to the cover "Can't You See". As much as I hate to say it the cover was better than the original. I understand the music chanaged via rythym guitar using the chords D, D7, Cadd9 and a Gadd9 they still made it work and made the lead guitar follow note thats somthing more reminiscent to a Poison power ballad from the 80's. All in all this album is fantastic and you should definatly go out and purchace it.

Oct 18, 2007 11:05:44

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BlackLionWarrior writes:

4of 5 Stars

I completely disagree with the other reviews. This album is far from awful. It is very well done, and Poison stays true to the songs they covered on this album. There were some surprises, but nothing shocking. I never expected Poison to cover The Romantics and The Cars, however their versions of "What I Like About You" and "Just What I needed are good. The Cars tune took a couple listens to grow on me, but I realized that what I didn't like at first was that Brett Michaels and Ric Ocasek just have different vocal styles. The only reason I like Alice Cooper's version of "I Never Cry" better than Poison's cover is because it is the original. That being said, vocally, Brett is far superior to Alice Cooper. This has always been a beautiful song, and Poison more than did it justice. For those who said the KISS classic, "Rock 'N Roll All Nite" was crucified, I don't know what you were listening to. One review said that Rikki Rockett is a substandard drummer. He doesn't play this song exactly like Peter Criss, but he does a great job with it. CC DeVille's guitar solo doesn't vary much from Ace Frehley's except that CC's is a lot cleaner. I am huge KISS fan and very critical of any covers of their songs. Let me say that this is easily my favorite track on the album. From Rikki's drum intro to Brett's vocals to CC's, KISS should be proud to have Poison cover this song. Even the worst covers on this album, "Sqeeze Box" by The Who and Jim Croce's "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" are well done. Yes, Poison puts their own spin on these songs, but they stay true to every one of them. They don't pretend that they can duplicate the originals. No one can. But they do an outstanding job of putting their signature on these classics. I hope they do another album like this in the future.

Jul 9, 2007 02:22:32

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mrwizeass247 writes:

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Holy crap that was awful! I was interested in hearing how they did "Dead Flowers", as I like the original and the Guns N' Roses cover... They didn't come close to being as good as either, Brett Michaels sounds like he's doing karaoke. I must not have gotten passed the first 30 seconds of "Rock N Roll All Nite", and the sad thing is Kiss wasn't exactly fricken Led Zeppelin, and Poison managed to butcher their stuff. Advice: Save up your money and buy the originals, or hell, download them and put them on your Ipod.

Jun 21, 2007 08:51:32

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who2191 writes:

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Poison has always been adecent band. There original material is glam with a taste of good rock and roll. But this album is terrible. The selection of songs are rather good, but they are played with no emotion and not very well. Other than C.C Deville, who is a great guitarist, the rest of the band are a disapointment. The fact is that Ricky Rocket is a substandard drummer and this is brutally evident on the version of "Rock and Roll all Nite" by KISS. He barely can play the double bass drum and his timing is aweful, and one top of this, the change in the vocal pattern ruins the remainder of the song. Along with crucifying KISS, the other songs on this album like "Squeeze Box" by The Who, "Dead Flowers" by The Rolling Stones, "Just What I Needed" by the Cars, and others are just plain bad. They aren't faithful to the original recordings at all and these "Poison'd" are just that, poisoned. "Mama Don't Dance" is the only saving grace on this album and that was recorded in the bands heyday. Do not get this album.

Jun 4, 2007 18:47:55

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