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Bognor Cane Company

October 28 2007 at 4:30 AM

Does anyone have any information about this company, based in Bognor Regis UK?

I recall that the company, which used to supply canes to UK Education Authorities for use in schools, hit the headlines around the late 70s or early 80s, when it was discovered that the very same company was also supplying canes to the pornographic industry for use in spanking films and magazines etc. Apparently, this story was immediately seized upon by the pressure group STOPP (Society of Teachers Opposed to Physical Punishments)to support their campagne against caning in schools, as evidence of the sexually deviant nature of such punishments.

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Bognor CC

October 28 2007, 7:14 PM 

Yes, the Bognor Cane Company was a rather grand name for a little cottage industry run by George Huntingdon as a sideline at his newsagent's shop. The shop was Felpham Bazaar (I kid you not) in Felpham High Street, which is just east of Bognor twon centre, not far from Butlin's.

I met George a couple of times when buying one or two canes for school; I hasten to add that we ended up using them very rarely, but by that stage - towards the end of the school cp era - there were very few suppliers of canes anywhere in the UK. He was (is?) a thoroughly nice chap, slightly eccentric perhaps but certainly not a shady character at all. He did see himself as having a bit of a mission to keep cp alive and also to make suitable implements available for parents. He had a little workshop at the back of the shop where he cut the canes and classified them - infant canes (tiny whippy things about 15" long), junior canes and senior canes - all these in differing thicknesses and lengths of 28" to 36". They were finished with either a curved handle (not actually so suitable for real punishment but looking suitably like the ones in the Beano) or in a straight length with coloured tape around the "handle" end. He was no profiteer: I think the canes sold at around 30 pence each.

George also made and sold leather spanking paddles, in three sizes, and some of them embossed with mottos like "Heat for the Seat". He promoted these as suitable for parents to use and especially on girls, who needed a warm bottom but not the severity of a cane. I don't recall the prices, but they were higher, something like 1.50.

George was also a mini-publisher and poet. His shop had a little corner where you could both select your canes and browse through his pamphlets, of both poems and punishment advice and articles. He issued leaflets with the canes and paddles, on how to use them (he suggested the cane be given on pants rather than bare skin, but the paddle on the bare bottom). He had a regular magazine, just very simply cyclostyled, with articles, letters from parents etc. They were not remotely pornographic but one can see how the dreaded STOPP may have seized on them as evidence of how dreadful cp was !! He actually asked me to write a column for it, but I declined, regarding it as potentially a little bit controversial. I think it was called Family View. I did have some old copies but they have not survived.

Huntingdon had children of his own - a boy and a girl, preteen or early teens, whom he told me he had never caned but would do "if ever they were naughty enough". He had used a slipper and one of his paddles, however. His son was there on one of my visits and seemed a perfectly normal polite young man. I believe George sold up the business and sold off the canes part of it to either Roddy or Dai Llewellyn.

Sorry - a rather long answer to a simple question. Hope it helps.


Re: Bognor Cane Company

October 28 2007, 7:20 PM 

I think this was run by a man call George Huntington and they issued a small booklet about four times a year called, I think "Discipline for Parents." In the later days it took a very much more religious view towards punishment in an effort to justify caning. They sent instructions with every order for canes on how they should be used. I must admit I was not aware of the fact they were known and targeted by STOPP nor supplied canes to the porn industry.

The company was sold, late 1970's/1980 and moved down to the West country. I think it was based at Exeter but soon went out of business.



Re: Bognor Cane Company

October 28 2007, 9:21 PM 

George was in fact called Eric, read all abaut it at Corpun



October 29 2007, 1:01 AM 

Yes indeed, I'm not sure which was his actual first name - I think I only called him Mr Huntingdon. His leaflets had the name Eric on them.


Cane Co.

October 29 2007, 3:22 PM 

Hmmmm.I do seem to remember a "London TV News"item or somesuch(its so long ago....early to late 1980s possibly)showing reporters or teachers buying a bunch of canes from that old alleyway court sex-shop in Soho quite seriously to stock a real Inner City School somewhere.
Can remember being flabbergasted!


Re: Bognor Cane Company

October 29 2007, 7:13 PM 

I think the Janus shop was down an alley before moving to the main road.
Got a couple of genuine Bognors at the new shop myself in the early 80s.



October 30 2007, 4:34 PM 

Greens Court wasnt it?
It was filled with Middle Aged Men in Beige Belted Trench Coats and big black bags browsing the cellophane wrapped bondage titles.
At the back were cubicles where a florin would purchase 5 minutes of a flickering noisy jerky film.It usually ran out long before the spanking.

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