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Chronological Catalogue of Compositions

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The FS catalogue, originally compiled in 1965 by Dan Fog and Torben Schousboe, is the authoritative listing of musical works by Carl Nielsen.  This web page is based on versions of the FS catalogue given in 'Carl Nielsen Symphonist' by Robert Simpson, and 'Carl Nielsen' by Jack Lawson.

FS numbers are followed by the title of the work (its Danish name is given in italics and its English translation in quotes), the opus number (if any), the date, and a description where appropriate.  For ease of navigation the catalogue can be accessed by decades.  Roughly speaking, only two compositions (FS 132 and FS 161) are not in chronological order. One work, 'Serenade' (1907) does not have an FS number and is listed in chronological order.


1870-1880 (FS 1-2, juvenilia), 1881-1890 (FS 3-11), 1891-1900 (FS 12-27), 1901-1910 (FS 28-59), 1911-1920 (FS 60-95), 1921-1930 (FS 96-154), 1931 (FS 155-159)  


1870-1880 (FS 1-2, juvenilia)

 FS 1. Polka in A Major, (1874). For Violin.

FS 2.  Skomagerens Brudevals, 'Cobbler's Wedding Waltz', (1878). For Piano.

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1881-1890 (FS 3-11)

 FS 3. Miscellaneous unpublished early manuscripts in the Royal Library, Copenhagen. Including:

 FS 3b. Sonata 'No. 1' for Violin and Piano in G major, (1881-82).
 FS 3d. String Quartet in D minor, (1882-83).

 FS 3e. Duet in A major for two Violins, (1882-83).

 FS 3f. Caractaerstykker, 'Two Character Pieces', (1882-83). For Piano.

 FS 3h. Fantasy Pieces for Piano and Clarinet in G minor, (1881? or 1883-85?).

 FS 3i. Piano Trio in G major, (1883).

 FS 3k. String Quartet in F major, (1887).

 FS 3?. Six Songs (1887). Texts by E. Aarestrup, J.S. Welhaven, G.B. Byron, P.B. Shelley, J.J. Callanan, R. Burns; translations by C. Preetzman.

 FS 3l. Det bodes der for i lange Aar, 'A moment of pleasure, An age of pain', (1887). Song for Male Choir, text by J.P. Jacobsen.

 FS 3m. Laengsel (I hvor jeg end slaaer Oiet hen), 'Jean (Of a' the airts the wind can blaw)', (1887). Song for Male Choir, text by Robert Burns, translated by Caralis.

 FS 3t. Byd mig at leve, 'To Athenea, who may command him Anything', (1887). Song for Male Choir, text by Robert Herrick, translated by Caralis. 

 FS 3u. For dromte jeg fast hver eneste Nat, 'Earlier I dreamt every single night', (1887). Song for Male Choir, text by J.P. Jacobsen. 

FS 4. String Quartet No. 1, in G minor, [Op. 13] (1887-88, revised 1900).

 FS 5. String Quintet in G major, (1888). 

FS 6. Little Suite for Strings, [Op. 1] (1888). 

 FS 7. Symphonic Rapsody in F, (1888). 

FS 8.  Fantasy Pieces for Oboe and Piano [Op. 2] (1889).

 FS 9. En Aften paa Giske, 'An Evening on Giske', (1889). Theatre music, text by A. Munch. 

FS 10.  Five Piano Pieces,  [Op. 3] (1890). 1. Folk Tune, 2. Humoresque, 3. Arabesque, 4. Mignon, 5. Elf-Dance.

 FS 11. String Quartet No. 2, in F minor, [Op. 5] (1890).

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1891-1900 (FS 12-27) 

 FS 12. Five Songs, [Op. 4] (1891): 1. Solnedgang, 'Sunset', 2. I serraillets have, 'In the Seraglio Garden', 3. Til Asali, 'To Asali', 4. Irmelin Rose, 5. Har dagen saenket al sin sorg, 'Has the Day Gathered All its Sorrow'. Texts by J.P. Jacobsen.   

FS 13. Unpublished MS songs (1891): 1. Aldrig hans Ord kan jeg glemme, 2. I Drommenes Land, 3. Solnedgang, (this song is distinct from that in FS 12).

 FS 14. Viser og vers, 'Songs and Verses', [Op. 6] (1891): 1. Genrebillede, 'Genre Piece', 2. Seraferne, 'The Seraphs', 3. Silkesko over gylden laest, 'Silken Shoes on a Golden Last', 4. Det bodes der for, 'A Moment of Pleasure, an Age of Pain', 5. Vise af 'Mogens', 'Song form 'Mogens''. Texts by J.P. Jacobsen.  

FS 15.  German translations of songs from FS 12 and 14, (1891).

 FS 16. Symphony No. 1 in G minor, [Op. 7] (1890-92).  

FS 17. Snefrid, (1893). Theatre music, text by H. Drachmann. 

 FS 18. Six Songs, [Op. 10] (1894): 1. Aebleblomst, 'Apple Blossom', 2. Erindringens so, 'Lake of Memories', 3. Sommersang, 'Summer Song', 4. Sang bag ploven, 'Song  Behind the Plow', 5. I aften, 'This Evening', 6. Hilsen, 'Greetings'. Texts by L. Holstein.  

FS 19. Symphonic Suite, [Op. 8] (1894).  For Piano. 

 FS 20. Sonata for Violin and Piano in A major, [Op. 9] (1895).

 FS 21. Hymnus amoris, [Op. 12] (1896-97). Choral, text by A. Olrik, latin translation by J.L. Heiberg. 

FS 22. Humoreske-Bagateller, [Op. 11] (1894-97). For Piano. 

 FS 23. String Quartet No. 3, in E flat major, [Op. 14] (1897-98).  

 FS 24. Festival Prelude, (1899). For Piano.

 FS 161. Graeshoppen sidder paa Engen, 'Grasshopper sits in the meadow', (1899). Choral, text by B.S. Ingemann. Note that this entry is out of order in the Fog calalogue. (Back to Decades)  

FS 25. Saul og David, 'Saul and David', (1898-1901). Opera in four acts, libretto by E. Christiansen after the First and Second Books of Samuel.

 FS 26. Cantata for the Lorens Frolich Festival, (1900). Choral, text by A. Olrik. 

 FS 27. Edderkoppens Sang, 'The Spider's Song' (1899). Choral, text by A. Oehlenschlaeger.

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1901-1910 (FS 28-59)

FS 28. Kom Blankeste Sol, 'Come, bright sun', (1901). Choral, text by L. Thura.

 FS 29. Symphony No. 2, De fire temperamenter, 'The Four Temperamtents', [Op. 16] (1901-02).  

 FS 30. Atalanta, (1901). Theatre music, text by G. Wied. 

FS 31. Cantata for the Students' Association, (1901). Choral, text by H. Drachmann.

 FS 32. Helios, [Op. 17] (1903). Overture.   

 FS 33. Sovnen, 'Sleep', [Op. 18] (1903-04). Choral, text by J. Jorgensen.   

FS 34. Drommen om 'Glade Jule', 'The Dream of a Merry Christmas' (1905). For Piano. 

FS 34a. Frydeligt med Jubelkor, 'Joyously, with jubilant chorus', (1906). Choral, text by Morten Borup, translated by Fr. Moth.

 FS 35. Du dansk mand, 'Thou Danish Man', (1906). Song, text by H. Drachmann.

 FS 36. String Quartet No. 4, in F major, Piacevolezza, [Op. 44] (1906, revised 1919). Originally Op. 19, revised as Op. 44 in 1919.  

FS 37. Hr. Oluf han rider, 'Sir Oluf Rides', (1906). Theatre music, text by H. Drachmann.

 FS 38. Jeg synes om din lette Gang, (1906). For voice and piano.

 FS 39. Maskerade, 'Masquerade', (1904-06). Comic opera in three acts, libretto by V. Andersen after the play by Holberg.  

FS 40. Sidskensang, 'The  Song of the Siskin', (1907). For Unaccompanied Choir, text by E. Aarestrup.

 No FS number. Serenade, 'Serenade', (1907). Choral, text by Hother Ploug. This song was rediscovered in 1983. (Back to Decades)

 FS 41. Kom Gudsengel, stille dod!, 'Come Angel of God, Tranquil Death', (1907). For Unaccompanied Choir, text by E. Aarestrup. 

FS 42.  Strophic Songs, [Op.21] (1902-07), two volumes. Vol. 1: 1. Skal blomsterne da visne, 'Shall then the Flowers Wither?', 2. Hogen, 'The Hawk', 3. Jens Vejmand, 'Jens the Roadmender'. Texts by 1. H. Rode, 2. & 3. J Aakjaer. Vol. 2: 1. Saenk kun dit hoved, du blomst, 'Just Bow Your Head, Oh Flower', 2. Den forste laerke, 'The First Lark', 3. Husvild, 'Homeless', 4. Godnat, 'Goodnight'. Texts by 1. J. Jorgensen, 2. J. Aakjaer, 3. & 4. J.V. Jensen.

 FS 43. Tove, (1906-08). Theatre music, text by L. Holstein.

 FS 44. Willemoes, (1907-08). Theatre music, text by L.C. Nielsen.  

FS 45. Foraeldre, 'The  Parents', (1908). Theatre music, text by O. Bentzon.

 FS 46. Saga-drom,'A Saga Dream', [Op. 39] (1907-08). Overture.  

 FS 47. Cantata for the Anniversary of Copenhagen University, (1908). Choral, text by N. Moller.

FS 48. Aftenstemning, 'Evening Mood', (1908). For Unaccompanied Choir, text by M. Claudius, translated by C. Hauch.

 FS 49. Cantata for the Commemoration of 11 February 1659, for the 250th anniversary of the storming of Copenhagen, (1909). Choral, text by L.C. Nielsen.  

FS 50. Ulvens son, 'The  Wolf's Son', (1909). Theatre music, text by A. Aakjaer.

FS 51. Songs Arranged for the Use of Schools (FS 35, 42, 43, 44, 45, and Vi frie Folk, text by V. Rordam).

 FS 52. De unges sang, 'The Young Person's Song', (1909). Song, text by C. Hostrup.

FS 53. Til Snapsen i "Bel Canto", (1909). For male chorus, text by Aage Berntsen. 

FS 54. Cantata for the National Exhibition at Aerhus, (1909). Choral, text by L.C. Nielsen; collaboration with E. Bangert.

 FS 55. Afholdssang, (1909). Song, with piano. 

FS 56. Cantata for the Commemoration of P.S. Kroyer (1909). Choral, text by L.C. Nielsen.

FS 57. Hagbarth og Signe, 'Hagbarth and Signe', (1910). Theatre music, text by A. Oehlenschlaeger.

 FS 58. Ved en ung kunstners baare, 'At the Bier of a Young Artist', Andante Lamentoso, (1910). For string quintet, also arranged for string orchestra (1910), for the funeral of Oluf Hartmann.

FS 59. Paaske-liljen, 'The Daffodil', (1910). For unaccompanied choir, text by N.F.S. Grundtvig.

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1911-1920 (FS 60-95)

FS 60. Symphony No. 3, Sinfonia espansiva, [Op. 27] (1910-11).

FS 61. Violin Concerto, [Op. 33] (1911).

 FS 62. Bornehjaelpsdagens Sang, 'Song for Children's Relief Day' (1911). Choral, text by Johannes Jorgensen.

FS 63. Naermere Gud til dig, 'Nearer my God to Thee', (1912). Paraphrase for wind instruments.

FS 64. Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano, [Op. 35] (1912).

 FS 132. Canto serioso, for Horn and Piano, (1913). Note that this entry is out of order in the Fog calalogue. (Back to Decades)

 FS 65. Sankt Hansaftenspil, 'Midsummer Night's Play', (1913). Theatre music, text by A. Oehlenschlaeger. 

FS 66. Ungdomssang, Johannes Jorgensen's Youth Song, (1913).

FS 67. Ak, Julesne fra Bethleham, 'Oh, Christmas Snow From Bethlehem' (1914). For soprano and male chorus, text by Johannes Jorgensen. 

FS 68. Serenata in Vano, (1914). Chamber music, for clarinet, basson, horn, cello and double-bass.

 FS 69. Fredlys din Jord, du danske Mand!, 'Protect Your Land, Oh Danish Man!', (1914). For male chorus, text by A.W. Holm. 

FS 70. En snes dansk viser, 'Twenty Danish Songs,' Volume I (1913-15). Songs, collaboration with T. Laub (see also FS 78).

FS 71. Feaderland, 'The Fatherland', (1915). Theatre music, text by E. Christiansen.

 FS 72. Barnets Sang, 'Songs for Children's Relief Day', (1915).  

FS 73. Hil dig, vor Fane!, 'Hail to Thee, Our Banner!, (1915). Patriotic Song for Male Voices, text by N.F.S. Grundtvig.

FS 74. In memoriam Franz Neruda, for reciter and orchestra (1915). Text by J. Clausen. 

 FS 75. Melodibog til Borups Sangbog I, 'Melodies for Johan Borup's Song Book', (1915). Songs, texts by various authors (see also FS 120). 

FS 76. Symphony No. 4, Det uudslukkelige, 'The Inextinguishable', [Op. 29] (1914-16).

FS 77. Three pieces for Langeleg  (1918). Instrumental, the Langeleg is a danish folk instrument.

FS 78. En snes dansk viser, 'Twenty Danish Songs,' Volume II (1914-17). Songs, collaboration with T. Laub (see FS 70).

 FS 79. Chaconne, [Op. 32] (1916). For Piano.   

FS 80. Prologue to the Shakespeare Celebrations, (1916). Theatre music, text by H. Rode (Including: Ariel's Song).

FS 81. Theme with Variations, [Op. 40] (1916-17). For Piano. 

 FS 82. Studie efter naturen, 'Study from Nature' (1916). Song, text by H.C. Andersen.  

FS 83. Salmer og aandelige Sange, 'Hymns and Sacred Songs', (1912-16).

FS 84. Blomstervise, 'Flower Song' (1917). Song, text by L. Holstein.

 FS 85. Hymn for Niels W. Gade's Centenary. Choral, text by P. Richardt. 

FS 86. Cantata for the Centenary of the Chamber of Commerce (1917). Choral, text by V. Rordam.

FS 87. Pan og Syrinx, 'Pan and Syrinx', [Op. 49] (1918). Orchestral.

FS 88. Logneren, 'The Liar', (1918). Theatre music, text by J. Sigurjonsson.

 FS 89. Aladdin, [Op. 34] (1918-19). Theatre music, text by A. Oehlenschlaeger. 

FS 90. Christianshavn, (1918). Song, text by O. Bauditz.

FS 91. Piano Suite, Den Luciferiska, 'The Luciferan', [Op. 45] (1919-20).

 FS 92. Two Sacred Songs. Den store Mester kommer: Udrundne er de gamle Dage, (1917-18). 

FS 93. Gry, 'Dawn', (1919-20). Song, text by H. Lorenzen.

FS 94. Moderen, 'The Mother[land]', (1920). Theatre music, text by H. Rode. 

 FS 95. Tyve folkelige melodier', 'Twenty Popular Melodies', (1917-21). Songs, texts  by various writers.

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1921-1930 (FS 96-154)

FS 96. Fynsk foraar, 'Springtime on Fyn', [Op. 42] (1921). Choral, text by A. Berntsen.

FS 97. Symphony No. 5, [Op. 50] (1921-22).

FS 98. Cosmus, (1921-22). Theatre music, text by E. Christiansen.

 FS 99. Sof sott, du lilla Sonja, 'To My Little Friend Sonja Helleberg', (1922).

FS 100. Wind Quintet, [Op. 43] (1922). For Flute, Oboe (Cor Anglais), Clarinet, Horn and Basson. 

FS 101. Fire folkelige melodier',  'Four Popular Melodies', (1922): 1. Laer mig , nattens stjerne, 'Teach Me, Oh Stars of the Night', 2. Sangen har lysning, 'The Song Casts Light', 3. Hvad synger du om?, 'Of What do You Sing', 4. Nu skal det aanbares, 'Now Shall it be Revealed'.  Songs, texts by 1. C. Richardt, 2. B. Bjornson, 3. C. Hostrup, 4. N.F.S. Grundtvig.

 FS 102. Hyldest til Holberg, 'Homage to Holberg', (1922). Choral, text by H.H. Seedorff Pedersen. 

FS 103. Songbook for the People's High School (see also FS 125) (1922).  Songs, collaboration with Laub, Ring and Aagaard.

FS 104. Prelude and Theme with Variations, for solo Violin, [Op. 48] (1923).

 FS 105. Dansk arbejde, 'Danish Labour', (1923). Song, text by V. Rordam.  

FS 106. Himlen morkner stor og stum, 'Heaven Darkens, Great and Silent', (1923). Song, text by M. Falk. 

FS 107. Kom jul til jord, 'Come Yule to Earth', (1923). Song, text by J. Wiberg. 

FS 108. Hjemlige jule, 'Christmas at Home', (1923). Song, text by E. Bonnelycke. 

 FS 109. Balladen om bjornen, 'Balad of the Bear', [Op. 47] (1923). Song, text by A. Berntsen after the Swedish poet C.J.L. Almquist.  

FS 110. Der er et yndigt land, 'There is a Lovely Land', (1924). For Unaccompanied Choir, text by A. Oehlenschlaeger.

FS 111. Sangbogen Danmark, 'A Danish Songbook for School and Home', (1923). By Carl Nielsen and Hakon Andersen, (collection with Foreward and songs by Nielsen).  

 FS 112. Det vi ved, at siden Slangens Gift, (1923-24). Song, text by C. Hostrup. 

FS 113. Hymne til Livet, 'Hymn to Life', (1923-24). Choral, text by S. Michaelis.

FS 114. Ti dansk smaasange,  'Ten Little Danish Songs', (1923-24): 1. Jeg Ved en laerkerede, 'I Know a Lark's Nest', 2. Solen er saa rod mor, 'The Sun is So Red, Mother', 3. Tyst som aa in engen rinder, 'As Quietly as the Stream Runs in the Meadow', 4. Spurven sidder stum bag kvist, 'The Sparrow Sits in Silence Behind the Gable', 5. Den spillemand spiller paa strenge, 'The Musician is Playing his Fiddle', 6. Naar smaarborn klynker ved Aftentide, 'When Small Children Whimper at Eventide', 7. Gron er vaarens haek, 'Green in the Hedge in Spring', 8. Jeg laegger mig ass trygt til ro, 'I Settle Down to Sleep so Snugly', 9. O, hvor jeg er glad i dag, 'Oh, Today I am so Happy', 10. Den danske sang, 'The Danish Song'.  Songs, texts by various authors.  

 FS 115. Fire jydske sange,  'Four Jutland Songs', (1924-25): 1. Jens Madsen aa An-Sofi, 'Jens Madsen to An-Sofi', 2. Wo daeter, 'Our Daughter', 3. Den jen aa den anden, 'One and the Other', 4. Ae Lastrae, 'The Haypole'.  Songs, texts by A. Berntsen.  

FS 116. Symphony No. 6 , Sinfonia semplice, 'Simple Symphony', (1924-25).

FS 117. Ebbe Skammelsen, (1925). Theatre music, text by H. Bergstedt.

FS 118. Foraarssang, 'Spring Song', (1926). Choral, text by M. Borup.

 FS 119. Flute Concerto, (1926). 

FS 120. Nye Melodier til Borups Sangbog II, 'New Melodies for Johan Borup's Song Book', (1926). Songs, texts by various authors (see FS 75).  

FS 121. Det ar host, 'It is Autumn', (1929). Song, text by A. Rogber.  

 FS 122. Dansk Vejr, 'Danish Weather', piano music with words beneath (1927). 

FS 123. En Fantasirejse til Faeroerne, 'An Imaginary Trip to the Faroe Islands', (1927). Rhapsodic Overture.

FS 124. Vocalise-etude, for Soprano and Piano, (1927).

 FS 125. Supplement to the People's High School Songbook (see FS 103) (1927).

FS 126. Den traenger, ud til hvert et Sted, (1927). Song, text by C. Hostrup.  

FS 127. Gulfloden, 'The Golden River', (1927). Song, text by B.S. Ingemann.  

FS 128. Preludio e Presto, for solo Violin, [Op. 52] (1927-28).

 FS 129. Clarinet Concerto, [Op. 57] (1928). 

FS 130. Bohemisk-dansk folktone, 'Bohemian-Danish Folktune', (1928). Paraphrase for string orchestra.

FS 131. Three Pieces, [Op. 59] (1928). For Piano.

 FS 132. Canto serioso, for Horn and Piano, (1913). Note that this entry is out of chronological order!   

FS 133. Velkommen Laerkelil, 'Welcome Little Lark', (1928). Song, text by C. Richardt.

FS 134. Island, 'Iceland', for reciter and orchestra (1929). Text by O. Lagoni.

 FS 135. No entry.

FS 136. 29 smaa praeludier, '29 Small Preludes', [Op. 51] (1929). For Organ.

FS 137. 2 eftterladte praeludier, '2 Additional Preludes', (1930). For Organ.

FS 138. To Skolesange, 'Two School Songs': Blomsterstov fra Blomsterbaeger, 'Pollen from the Calyx', Nu er for stakket tid forbi, 'Now for a Brief Time it's Over', (1929). For Unaccompanied Choir, text by V. Stuckenberg.

 FS 139. Tre Motteter, 'Three Motets': Afflictus Sum, (Psalm 38:9, Danish and French Psalm 37), Dominus regit me, (Psalm 23:1-2, Danish and French Psalm 22), Benedictus Dominus, (Psalm 31:22, Danish and French Psalm 30), [Op. 55] (1929). For Unaccompanied Choir, texts selected by Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen.  

FS 140. Cantata for the Centenary of the Polytechnic High School, (1929). Choral, text by H.H. Seedorff Pedersen.

FS 141. Hymn to Art, (1929). Choral, text by S. Michaelis.

 FS 142. Hjemstavn, 'My Native Soil', (1929). Song, text by F. Poulsen. 

FS 143. Der gaar et stille Tog, (1929). Song, text by H. Balsev and U. Hasnen.

FS 144. Til min fodeo, 'To the Isle of My Birth', (1929). For Unaccompanied Choir, text by S.P. Raben-Korch.

 FS 145. Fremtidensland, 'The Land of the Future', (1929). Song, text by B. Bjornson. 

FS 146. Danmark nu blunder den lyse nat, 'Denmark, Now Sleeps the Light Night', (1929). Song, text by T. Larsen.

FS 147. Vi Jyde, 'We Jutlanders', (1929). Song, text by Bartrumsen.

FS 148. Klavermusik for smaa og store, 'Piano Music for Young and Old', (1930). For Piano, (2 volumes).   

(NO FS) Cantata for the Opening of the Swimming Baths, (1930). Choral, text by H.H. Seedorff Pedersen.

 FS 149. Ligbraendings-Kantate, Cantata for the 50th Anniversary of the Danish Cremation Society, (1930). Choral, text by S. Michaelis.  

FS 150. Amor og digteren, 'Love and the Poet' ,(1930). Theatre music, text by S. Michaelis. 

FS 151. Gensyn, 'Reunion', (1930). Song, text by Paludan-Muller.

 FS 152. Six Canons (For Use in Schools and Training Colleges): 1. Bokserne, 'The Boxers', 2. Traaden brister, 'The Thread Snaps', 3. Vaegter, jeg beder, 'Watchman I Beg You', 4. Ikke det Altid slaar til, 'It isnt Always So', 5. Du Skal le ad odelaeggelse, 'At Destruction and Famine Thou Shalt Laugh', 6. Stilhed og morke, 'Silence and Dark', (1930). For Unaccompanied Choir, texts by 1. Carl Nielsen, 2. H.C. Andersen, 3. & 4. Holberg (translated by S. Muller), 5. Book of Job, 6. Carl Nielsen (his motto to Helios).  

FS 153. Cantata for the 50th Anniversary of the Young Merchants' Education Association, (1930). Choral, text by H.H. Seedorff Pedersen.

FS 154.  Sjolunds Sangere, 'The Singers of Sjolund', (1930). Choral, text by K. Elnegaard.

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1931 (FS 155-159)

 FS 155. Commotio, [Op. 58] (1931). For Organ.  

FS 156. Paaske-aften, 'Easter-eve', (1931). Theatre music, text by N.F.S. Grundtvig. 

FS 157. Allegretto for Two Recorders, (1931).

FS 158. Kvadet om Nordens Harpe, 'The Poem of the Harp of the North', (1931). For male voice chorus., text by A. Berntsen.

 FS 159. Piano Piece in C, (1931).

 FS 161. Graeshoppen sidder paa Engen, 'Grasshopper sits in the meadow', (1899). Choral, text by B.S. Ingemann. Note that this entry is out of order in the Fog calalogue. (Back to Decades)  

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