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  FAQs Untitled Document Q.        What is VietJetAir?

  • VietJetAir is a new airline based in Hanoi. A secondary base will also be established Ho Chi Minh City.
  • VietJetAir will bring a high level of service, affordable air fares and convenient travel to its customers both within Vietnam and the region.

Q.        What is VietJetAir's Corporate Philosophy?

    The VietJetAir Corporate Philosophy is based upon:

    VietJetAir is 100% committed to "SAFETY FIRST" and will set and maintain consistently high safety standards to ensure the security of all our customers and staff.

    VietJetAir is committed to high quality customer service, delivered in a friendly, respectful and caring manner that reflects the unique cultural attributes of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people.

    Low Operating Costs = Competitive Fares:
    VietJetAir will focus on the maintenance of a low cost structure to deliver a consistently competitive fare structure so that our customers receive the best value for money and to open up the market for those people that are yet to experience the convenience and benefits of air travel.

    VietJetAir will strive to achieve "world's best practice" for on-time performance and will publish performance reliability figures in the public domain.

    Community Contribution:
    VietJetAir will establish an environmental protection policy and will implement a program of targeted philanthropic activities to enhance the well-being of groups/people within the Vietnam society in poor economic, educational or social circumstances.

Q.        Who will be VietJetAir’s customers?
  • VietJetAir's main customer base will be domestic and international leisure, tourist and cost-conscious business travelers.

Q.        Which cities will VietJetAir fly to?

  • Initial flights will operate between Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang.
  • As the aircraft fleet expands, VietJetAir plans to offer flights to regional destinations such Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, and cities in Southern China (Subject to government approvals).
  • VietJetAir will also offer flights to Korea and Japan in future years (Subject to government approvals).
  • Most of our flights will be from 1 to 3 hours in length.

Q.        Will you travel to other cities in Vietnam?

  •  We will provide services to as many domestic locations as possible, subject to profitability.

Q.        When is your first flight?

  • VietJetAir will commence flights late in 2008 or early in 2009.

Q.        Where will VietJetAir recruit its employees from?

  • We will recruit most of our employees in Vietnam. We believe that, with quality training provided by VietJetAir, our employees will be capable of providing world-class service levels.
  • Foreign experts will be hired on a project and contract basis to bring and to transfer skills and knowledge to VietJetAir's employees.
  • VietJetAir intends to establish a Cadet Pilot Training program to provide opportunities for young Vietnamese to train overseas and return to join the VietJetAir pilot workforce.

Q.        What kind of planes will you be flying?

  • The aircraft will be either the Boeing 737-800 or the Airbus A320.

Q.        How many seats will VietJetAir aircraft have?

  • The planes will be fitted with approximately 175 seats.

Q.        Will you serve meals and drinks?

  • VietJetAir will provide small snacks and drinks free of charge and will offer additional food and drink as well as a variety of other items for purchase by the passengers.

Q.        How will passengers book their flights?

  • Most of the flights on VietJetAir will be booked over the Internet.
  • VietJetAir will also have a call center for telephone bookings.

Q.        How will passengers pay for their tickets?

  • Passengers will be able to pay for their tickets with credit and debit cards through the Internet using secure transactions.
  • Passengers without a credit or debit card will be able to pay for their tickets at VietJetAir offices, or at other convenient locations.

Q.        Will you offer promotional fares?

  • There will be low-price and promotional fares.

Q.        Who are the owners of VietJetAir?

  • VietJetAir is a 100% Vietnamese owned private company established by a group of local businessmen, led by entrepreneur Nguyen Thanh Cong in accordance with the recently passed Civil Aviation Law.

Q.        Are you planning to work with another airline as a partner?

  • We have no plans to bring in a foreign airline as a partner as we are building a Vietnamese airline to reflect the best the country has to offer.

Q.        What is your capitalization level?

  • Charter capital is 600,000,000,000 VND (USD37.5 million)

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