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Dragon Ball Super Z Fanfiction Archive

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DragonBall Super Z

Special alert! Be sure to go see the Dragon Ball Super Z Fan Manga, drawn by Vejita4eva! It's a work in progress that definitely showcase's this artist's spectacular talent.

So here it is, the series Mirai Shock has been working on lo these many years. The stories below are not separate "chapters"; each tale is complete in and of itself. There are continuing threads and plot developments that run throughout the series, but each story does have a beginning, a middle, and an end. You don't have to chew through each available story only to find a "To be continued..." stuck on the last page. ^.^ None of these are "proposed" stories. Each story below, as promised, is complete. The stories are posted in chronological order, not in the order in which they were written.


Prelude: Things I Want To Forget

Where did Juunana-gou and Juuhachi-gou come from? They're twins, brother and sister, and they were created by Dr. Gero. At least, Gero made them jinzouningen. They had once been normal humans; they had parents, a childhood, a past that neither one seemed to remember by the time Gokou-tachi encountered them. This short vignette attempts to explain where this mysterious pair came from, and how they became the destroyers of their world.

Click here to read "Things I Want To Forget"

Prelude: Machinehead

Another burning canon-DBZ question answered here: Just how did Trunks manage to get home after the jinzouningen beat the HFIL out of him in the Trunks TV Special? Did Bulma venture out to look for him? Maybe not. Maybe, just maybe, one of the cyborgs took pity on their fallen foe. Then again, maybe pity wasn't the motivation at all...

Click here to read "Machinehead"

Walk This World

The infamous picture...Okay, okay okay. We know what you're thinking. "Trunks and JUUHACHI-GOU?!?! Uso yo!!! Masaka!!! NO BLOODY WAY!!!!" Believe me, we ve heard it all by now, and we can't fault you for your gut reactions. Both Bulma and I bear a couple of pretty deep flame-scars just for daring to show people the "poster" illustration for the story, wherein Trunks is embracing one of the mechanical constructs he grew up hating with all his Saiyajin soul. If you're completely disgusted by the concept of the mysterious young man from the alternate future and the world-slaying blonde Jinzouningen so much as looking at one another without blasting each other off the face of the Dragon Ball World...please go no further. Turn around and go find some other fanfic to read, and we won't think any less of you.

But if the idea doesn't repel you totally...if you're actually curious as to why this scene happens (and it does actually take place in the story, never fear, we wouldn't lie to you!), then please read on. Bear in mind, too, that a Trunks/18 romance is not the driving force for this story (or this series, for that matter). Seeds are sown in the first story that take root as the history unfolds, and don't bloom and bear fruit for a good while yet. So forge ahead for a story full of tragedy, exploration, revelations, action, despair, suspense, hope...and the barest foreshadowing of what might possibly be the strangest romance in all fanfiction history.

Click here to read "Walk This World"

dead souls

And death comes as the endThis is a story about Mirai Gohan (and if you read "Walk This World", you'll know why he's here in the first place). So why is he ready to kill anything that gets in his way--even his own father? This is the story you need to read to find out. Shall we simply say that sometimes it's best to let dead Saiya-jin lie...?

It's not completely essential to have read WTW first, but it would sure help in comprehension of some fine points in the story. This story is for fans of Gohan, the other lead hero of DBZ (rumor has it that after Gokou's death at the end of the Cell Game, Toriyama-san never intended to bring him back...Dragonball was supposed to be Gohan's story from then on, but popular demand changed the creator's mind). It's also a story about the bonds between father and son, and the measures which must sometimes be taken to save one from the other.

Click here to read "dead souls"

Just Another Day Payback's hell

This is Bulma's baby...a story focusing on the Prince of Vegeta-sei. Oh, there are plenty of stories out there which feature the widow-peaked wonder and how mean and evil and bad he is...or, conversely, how deeply emotional and devoted he is to his chosen mate. But how many people remember the Vegeta who existed before he arrived on Earth with Nappa? What if somebody decided it was time for some serious payback?

This story is a little more action-oriented than the first two, and certain portions of it are not necessarily for the weak of stomach. Nothing that exceeds PG-13, but the gore factor is a bit higher than usual because of the subject matter.

Click here to read "Just Another Day"

Interlude: Enough to Heal

A little vignette that shows what happens after Trunks and Juuhachi-gou wander off together...mild citrus warning, but nothing worse than what you'd see on daytime television, I assure you. However, if you really don't care for the Trunks/#18 romance, don't go here, pard. ^^;;;

Click here to read "Enough to Heal"

Interlude: Night Flight

A breathlessly romantic (and rather steamy) look at our other favorite couple. This is a side to the Saiyajin Prince that only his chosen mate ever sees, and this piece nicely showcases their amazingly complex relationship. Not-so-mild citrus warning! While the descriptions aren't graphic (we're talking Harlequin, not Penthouse Forum), remember that this is Bulma and Vegeta we're talking about, and they don't do anything halfway. o.o;;

Click here to read "Night Flight"

Interlude: Night Thoughts

The night holds many secrets, and so does the last Saiyajin Prince. Join Vegeta as he reflects on his life and the people who mean the most to him (even if he wouldn't admit to such under slow torture). A quiet, first-person peek into the mind of one of Dragonball's most intriguing and complex characters.

Click here to read "Night Thoughts"

Walking On The Sun
The DBZ/DBSZ crossover from HFIL!
It had to happen. Crossovers between the traditional DB world and various alternate dimensions are fairly common. A threat has gone back to the alternate past, and the Super Z senshi must aid their counterparts before it's too late, and the "new" world becomes a worse nightmare than anything the Jinzouningen or Buu might have wrought.

Lots of character interaction in this one, and a chance to take a good look at the differences that time and circumstance wrought on the various players.

Click here to read "Walking On The Sun"

Interlude: The Moment Within

So what really happened when Vegeta brought Gokou back from the brink of death--or worse? After all this time, all the rivalry, all the competition and jealousy and resentment, how does the Prince of the Saiyajin reallyfeel about the low-born warrior "Kakarott"? How far would one be willing to go for the other? The answers might surprise not surprising anyone at all.

Click here to read "The Moment Within"

Interlude: It's Alright, It's OK

This time the focus is on DBZ's Juuhachi-gou--the one married to Kuririn, the one who bore a daughter against all odds and expectations. As she struggles to lead a normal life, how does she deal with the sudden appearance of her more expressive, less secretive future self? Two words: Not well...

Click here to read "It's Alright, It's OK"

Interlude: Onii-chan

Journey into an alternate universe where things have gone horribly wrong. Only a year after Majin Buu was defeated, a threat unlike any other arrives on earth, killing all but Piccolo and the children of the Z-warriors. With a past destroyed and a future gone horribly wrong, what's to become of these children?

Click here to read "Onii-chan"


FreshmenFilling out the cast

Having done one alternate-universe story, a second one was bound to come about. Hot on the heels of the Super Z senshis' return to their future time, a new threat looms from a timeline as yet unexplored.

Familiar faces in uncommon guise abound here, and there's no guarantee that anyone will get out alive. This is probably one of the most fantastic of the DBSZ stories, and quite a roller-coaster ride.

Click here to read "Freshmen"

Dead Man's Party

The big finaleThe Super Z Senshi are gearing up for the first Tenkaichi Budokai in twenty years. Lots of surprises in store, including guest appearances by some very unlikely characters.

Click here to read "Dead Man's Party"

Interlude: Goin' To The Chapel...

For those of you who wondered what happened when Vegeta whisked Bulma off in the middle of the Tenkaichi Budokai...well, this did.

Click here to read "Goin' To The Chapel"


Click to see full-sized poster A story about the oft-forgotten jinzouningen, Juunana-gou. What happened to him after the end of Walk This World? This is the story that finally answers that question...or at least begins to.

This story introduces two new characters: Chiara and her "papa", Doctor Gajetto. The original inspiration for the character of Chiara was some very old roleplaying sessions between Juuhachigo's mun and her best friend, K'kitty, along with several discussions and extrapolations with Marron's mun, Tiarra. Thanks to both these wonderful roleplayers for their contributions. Chiara never would have existed without you, guys.

Click here to read "broken"

Human Behavior

The second story in the Juunana-gou arc finds our (anti-)hero pondering his new condition and not really being too happy about it. Things were a lot easier when he didn't have to think about the things he did. How does he cope? Two words: Not well.

It has been pointed out by Chiara-mun herself (who is, in fact, a sensible girl) that the Juunana stories are much shorter than the earlier DBSZ stories. The only defense we have is that each story is just as long as it wants to be and no longer. Also, it's a lot harder to drag the details out of Juunana-banana--he's not the communicative sort...^^;;; Fear not, there's still yet more to come (whether he likes it or not).

Click here to read "Human Behavior"

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You can also see DBSZ fics written by other authors here.

Other Stuff

DBSZ Glossary Many people have asked what the Japanese words in our fics mean. As a public service, we have included a glossary of Japanese terms used in the DBSZ series. Neither of us are fluent in Japanese, so these are the definitions as we understand them--Random House we ain't. Still, we hope you find the list useful.
DBSZ Timeline A detailed timeline, revised from the official Dragon Ball timeline published in Japan, showing important events in the DBSZ universe. Big fat spoiler alert! There might be a few things fan was not meant to know here. Do not read this timeline unless you've read the DBSZ fics and want to know more. You've been warned.
Dragon Ball Super Z Message Forum A message board for questions, discussions, suggestions, comments, and/or (constructive!) criticisms about the fanfiction series we've worked so hard on. We want to hear from you!
The DBSZ Drinking Game Like drinking games? Like DBSZ? Here's something that combines the two! Grab your favorite beverage, print out one or more of the stories, gather your friends and take turns reading the parts while chugging Jolt Cola--it's fun!

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