Posted: Thursday
2007/11/01 @ 13:04 PDT

Apache, Mail

Apache Mail History

In a time that seems long ago, but really wasn’t, I did a lot of work with the Apache Software Foundation. Most of it revolved around Tomcat and Ant—the highlights of my Java career, but hopefully not my career as a whole. Today, I spent a few minutes reminiscing while playing with, a tool created by my friends Jason Hunter and Ryan Grimm to let people analyze mailing list data. For example, here’s a graph of all the messages I sent to the Apache mailing lists:


It’s been a while, but I remember those days fondly. Being there during an inflection point for the Apache Software Foundation was a rush indeed.


Posted: Thursday
2007/11/01 @ 14:16 PDT

In fact some of us follow you since the JServ days, so it’s been a nice travel :)

Damon Clinkscales
Posted: Thursday
2007/11/01 @ 15:15 PDT

heh. cool.

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