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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Ex-wife, CHR probers can’t see Faeldon

THE military on Tuesday barred Marine Captain Nicanor Faeldon from seeing visitors who included his estranged wife and representatives from the Commission on Human Rights.

The Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, which has Faeldon in its custody, prevented Tita Untalan from seeing her former husband, saying that only immediate family members and the lawyer of the detainee could see him.

Untalan was married to Faeldon in 1995 until their marriage were annulled on February 14, 2005. The two have no children.

Also failing to see the captain were two investigators from the CHR, Albert Figuerras and Antonio Abago. They were supposed to check Faeldon’s condition after his family suspected that he was being maltreated by his custodians.

The CHR also sent a physician to check on Faeldon, who was being kept by the Isafp since his recapture in Malabon City Friday night.

Faeldon’s family, led by his brother Cesar, was accompanied by lawyer Gener Jito to the CHR.

Worried about torture

Faeldon’s family was worried the military might torture him into disclosing the whereabouts of the four other fugitive junior officials who mutinied in 2003.

Untalan cried after guards posted at the Isafp compound in Camp Aguinaldo told her she was not among those allowed to visit Faeldon. 

“I appeal to the Isafp to let me in, I just want to see Nick, I just want to bring him some food,” she said. 

Untalan was reportedly accompanied by Faeldon’s lawyer, Roel Pulido, and the CHR representatives.

The Isafp chief, Brig. Gen. Marlu Quevedo, explained to reporters that only Faeldon’s immediate family members or relatives can visit him. 

“It’s my order: only immediate family members are allowed to visit Faeldon. Since their marriage is annulled she [Untalan] was barred from entry,” Quevedo said.

He added that the only ones allowed to visit Faeldon in the Isafp compound are his son, mother, father, brothers or sisters.

Untalan told reporters she and Faeldon decided on annulment because he “loves his country more.” 

Not lovers

She added that she does not believe reports that her former husband was having a relationship with Army Captain Candelaria Rivas, who was arrested with him.

Faeldon himself denied he and Rivas were lovers, saying the Armed Forces was trying to cover up the support he was able to get from the AFP ranks.
--Ronnie E. Calumpita and Anthony Vargas





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