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Current issues
The President Tours the Bossaso Airport Construction Site

Friday, 31-Aug 2007

The President H.E. Mohamud Hersi toured the Bossaso Airport construction with representatives from Cormio Engineering (Run-way contractor), Ahmed Bare chief Engineer of the Terminal and sub-contractor Mohamed Banzo.

The Minister of Information, Culture and Telecommunication, the Governor of Bari and Municipal Government Officials were with the President during this tour.

The President was briefed on the progress of both construction projects (runway and terminal). The President was assured that the first phase of the runway project would be completed within 45 days. The terminal and other buildings at the site were also on schedule to be completed.

The President reiterated the importance of completing the Bossaso Airport. “The completion of this airport will greatly improve the economic development of the State and it will also improve the social development of our State”

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