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Cryptic Writings

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This is a tale of retribution. Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, once booted from the mighty Metallica, has penned Cryptic Writings, a gripping, high-voltage album that should thrill Metallica fans who felt screwed by that band's thrashless 1996 album, Load. In an era of alt-metal bluster, Megadeth have remained true to form, stirring up a snarling brew of nasal yowls, crunchy riffs and speed-of-light guitar solos that would paralyze Yngwie Malmsteen. Whether building atmosphere with ominous tribal beats and jangly acoustic guitar ("Use the Man") or going for the jugular with buzz-saw rhythms and hardcore tempos ("The Disintegrators"), Megadeth wrap their bundles of spite with enough melody to keep the grooves memorable. Make way for the real metal militia. (RS 766)


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daniel787 writes:

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Cryptic Writings has te right balance between melody and the power that metal represents. With catchy songs as She-Wolf and Trust, a very reachable Almost Honest and high-speed-complex songs as The Desintegrators and Vortex I see this album as one of the best I´ve ever heard.

Apr 29, 2007 20:55:06

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