Founded in the 1920's by an engineer, Sante Astaldi, the company has been successfully run by his nephews Mario and Gianfranco, who are being  followed by a third generation of the Astaldi family.
Up to the second world war, the Astaldi company was primarily involved in major civil works projects in Italy and abroad, including railroads, aqueducts, ports and public buildings. The Rome-Naples railroad, the Favara aqueduct in Sicily, the piers in the port of Gaeta, and the Addis Abeba-Great Lakes road are all projects from this period.

After the war, in addition to a major presence in Italy, Astaldi extended its activity to Africa, initially in Kenya and Uganda in joint venture with an English businessman, John Stirling, and later (1950’s) on its own in Zaire, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Burundi, Rwanda and  Mozambique. Its activity in Africa primarily involved road construction. In Italy, Astaldi focused on post-war reconstruction particularly hydraulic plants and railroads projects such as the Sarca power plant in Molveno and the Milan-Venice railroad line.

In 1950, following the opening of foreign markets Impresa Astaldi Estero S.p.A. was established, while Impresa Astaldi Costruzioni e Lavori Pubblici S.p.A. continued to operate in Italy.

Between the 1950's and 1970's, the Group expanded its presence in Africa (Somalia, Zambia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Libya, Gabon, Angola), in the Middle East (Lebanon and Saudi Arabia), in Central and South America (Venezuela and Honduras) and in the Far East (Pakistan and Thailand). The Group's foreign activity in this thirty year period covered a wide range of projects (roads, airports, hydroelectric and industrial plants) with a major increase in size and operational complexity.

During the same period, the Astaldi Group managed important civil engineering jobs in the italian market including railroads, roads, motorways, hydraulic power plants, dams, aqueducts and sewage systems, such as the Cimego power station, the Trento-Malè railroad line, the Autostrada del Sole motorway, and the Osento dam.

During the 1980's the two companies, Impresa Astaldi Estero SpA and Impresa Astaldi Costruzioni e Lavori Pubblici SpA merged due to operating needs and they became the present Astaldi SpA, with headquarters in Rome. In addition to the "traditional" civil works during this period the Group built the PEC nuclear power plant in Italy and the plant for metalworking in Taranto.

Late in the 1980's and from the 1990's Astaldi, entered new markets in the Far East (Indonesia), in Europe (Romania and Denmark), in the United States and Turkey. Orders during this period included complex jobs such as subways and hydroelectric power plants, both in Italy and abroad.

A fundamental step in the industrial development of the Group, presently engaged in several important works all over the world, was the acquisition of two important national construction companies, Italstrade and Dipenta.

Following these acquisitions, the Group ranked second in the segment of general contractors in Italy.  From 1988 the annual revenue, including Italstrade and Dipenta, exceeds 1,500 billion lire with an extremely diversified geographical location enabling the Group to lay down the basis for further expansion.

A list of Astaldi's most representative projects:


  • Anatolian Motorway Gumusova - Gerede Section in Turkey
  • Creation of a new high speed Rome-Naples line in Italy
  • Caracas-Tuy Medio railway in Venezuela
  • Aosta - Mont Blanc Tunnel Motorway in Italy
  • Sukkur ring road in Pakistan
  • Railroad connection between mountain lines and the new Genoa - Voltri port area in Italy
  • Caracas subway in Venezuela
  • Naples subway in Italy
  • Fort Myers Airport in Florida
  • Gioia Tauro Port in Italy
  • Eastern Beltway 453 - around Orlando Florida
  • 5th Work Allotment of Rome-Florence High Speed Railway in Italy


  • Taksebt Dam for water supply in Algiers area in Algeria
  • Pont Ventoux hydroelectric power plant in Italy
  • Nacaome Dam in Honduras
  • Water purification plant near Turin for Azienda Po Sangone in Italy
  • Conception Dam in Honduras
  • Rosamarina Dam in Italy
  • Balambano Dam in Indonesia
  • Anapo hydroelectric power plant in Italy
  • Hydroelectric power plant in El Cajon in Honduras
  • Arcichiaro Dam in Italy
  • Hydroelectric power plant in San Agaton in Venezuela
  • Lampeggiano River Dam in Italy
  • Multipurpose Xiaolangdi Dam in China


  • LEP Project for CERN in Geneva, Switzerland
  • New courthouse in Pescara, Italy
  • Olsen Middle School in Florida, U.S.A.
  • Pec nuclear power plant in Brasimone, Italy
  • Airport Terminal in Bujumbura, Burundi
  • University of Sassari Construction of Botanical Garden, Italy
  • Construction of housing in Crystal Key Point in Florida, U.S.A.
  • Ministry of the Treasury Rome, Italy
  • Residential centers in Paris, France
  • Leonardo da Vinci management offices in Prato, Italy
  • Otopeni Airport in Romania
  • Fiumicino Parking Lot in Italy

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