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The Department of Corrections has an agreement with the Police regarding offenders on the Witness Protection Scheme.


Any offender who is or becomes part of the Police Witness Protection Scheme is accorded confidentiality appropriate to the situation. This may mean that the offender’s photograph in IOMS needs to be removed and the case managed by paper file only.


The following table shows the process of dealing with offenders involved in or becoming involved in the Witness Protection Scheme.




Police Headquarters advises CPS Head Office of an offender who becomes part of the scheme.


CPS Head Office advises the Service Manager of the relevant details and situation involved.


If appropriate, the Probation Officer applies for a review seeking a variation or cancellation application.


The Probation Officer:

  • evaluates the offender’s case, taking into consideration all available information
  • takes steps to ensure the offender’s safety while undertaking the requirements of the sentence
  • takes steps to ensure confidentiality of the case, and
  • monitors the case as appropriate to the action plan.

Liaison persons

For any information on persons subject to witness protection there will be two liaison persons in each Department, as follows:

Police Department

Department of Corrections


Special Programmes

CIB Support Group

Police National Headquarters

Operational Adviser

Community Probation Service

O/C N.B.I.S.

CIB Support Group

Police National Headquarters

Manager, Community Probation Service Policy and Operations

Any requests from either Department for information or transfer of files must be made through the liaison persons.

Requests from any other persons are not to be actioned but are to be referred to the liaison persons.

Transfer of files

Community Probation files for persons on Police Witness Protection will be forwarded to the liaison person in Head Office who will forward them to the relevant area.

Community Probation Service will ensure the new location of the offender will not be easily accessible through computer or paper-based tracking systems.

Offenders joining the scheme

The Police will be responsible for checking whether persons entering the programme are subject to community-based sentences or orders and notifying the liaison person immediately.

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