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International Revolving Door Company Overview...

The Highest Quality, By every Measure
International Revolving Doors is the only revolving door manufacturer having doors still in operation built almost 100 years ago. All International revolving doors are still designed and built today to last over a century.

Starting with the fact that our wings and walls are fabricated from all stainless steel tubing, structurally welded to meet or exceed the American Welding Society's toughest standards.

Our doors are still assembled by craftsmen trained with old world traditional skills and techniques that are enhanced by modern technology. This method of construction has enabled us to lead the industry for a period longer than most of our competitors' entire business lives.

We are the only manufacturer who provides our circular enclosure walls in one piece, fully welded, with no butt joints. Our wings with their structural tubing construction are, by far, the strongest in the industry. Our surface mounted locks are unsurpassed for strength and life expectancy. All internal components are stainless steel or bronze, completely corrosion resistant, and finished to match the door.

The wing collapsing mechanism is made from manganese bronze castings (the only one in the industry made in the USA) while our competitors use storm blocks to keep their wings from collapsing, causing building owners to have to request a variance from local and federal building codes (World Trade Center, NYC and Sears Tower, Chicago are examples). International is the only manufacturer that can guarantee the use of our doors in air supported domes and coal mine shafts (both have extremely high pressure).

Our oil bath speed control is unsurpassed in the industry, once again the only manufacturer to provide an oil pump which constantly pumps oil over the brake shoes which provides for smoother braking and a nearly 30-year life expectancy.

CEO Message
INTERNATIONAL REVOLVING DOORS will work with you on your revolving doors. We can provide you with parts and service on your International, Van Kannel, Atchison or Ress revolving door. If you have a door made by us or one of our divisions, then we probably have the original drawings in our archives which date back to 1887. Many of these older doors are still in operation today, which clearly defines International as the Industry Leader in Quality Workmanship.

Mission Statement
User safety is considered first and foremost in the design of all our revolving doors. Speed Controls, automatic safety sensors and emergency collapsing mechanisms are among our many standard features that provide safe and trouble free operation. International Revolving Door Company has been producing revolving doors since 1907.  

Almost 100 years of excellence in design and outstanding service has earned International Revolving Doors the distinction of being the world’s oldest and most respected manufacturer of revolving doors. You can be assured that as the owner of one of our doors you will be pleased with the operation and service of our doors.

Company Background
On August seventh of 1886 an inventor, Theophilus Van Kannel, patented the first revolving door. Since it's inception, the Van Kannel Revolving Storm Door (as it was originally named) has grown in popularity and demand. Originally the door was widely accepted because it eliminated slamming doors and cold drafts of air through offices and lobbies.

It was actually accredited with saving lives due to it's ability to keep out cold air. In 1889, the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia (the original home of the revolving door) awarded the "John Scott Legacy Medal" to Van Kannel for his contribution to society.

At the turn of the century the "Atchison Revolving Door Company" started to compete with Van Kannel. Their major product, the "Curved Wing Door" was a big success, but their woodworking ability was the primary reason the Van Kannel Revolving Door Company bought them out. Van Kannel then moved most of their manufacturing to Atchison, Kansas.

This only lasted a few years until International Steel Company began operation in 1907. International Steel bought both companies and soon moved all manufacturing to it's current home in Evansville, Indiana.

Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality will continue to keep us the oldest and largest revolving door manufacturer in the world. Let our design department help you with your next entrance.



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