Romney Wins County Republican Straw Poll

Nov 05

"...Mitt Romney ran away with 61 percent of the vote in what the Teton County Republican Party was touting as one of Wyoming's first straw polls Saturday night."

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Nov 06, 2007
Palm Beach Post

"'Of the four leading contenders for the president on the Republican side...I believe I'm the only person that feels that way.'"

Nov 06, 2007
National Review Online

"We are confident that if elected as president, Governor Romney would appoint individuals to the federal courts who respect the appropriate role of the judiciary in our democratic system."

Nov 05, 2007
Jackson Hole News & Guide

"...Mitt Romney ran away with 61 percent of the vote in what the Teton County Republican Party was touting as one of Wyoming?s first straw polls Saturday night."

Nov 07, 2007

"These dedicated Republican women have worked tirelessly to promote conservative principles in their communities."

Nov 07, 2007

Today, in South Carolina, Governor Romney discussed how he will strengthen America's families by strengthening our schools. Improving our schools is critical to the future of our country and our economy. Governor Romney also believes that closing the achievement gap in our schools is the civil rights issue of our time.

Nov 06, 2007

"Ambassador Melady will be a valuable counselor as we bring conservative, pro-family change to our nation's capital."

Race 4 2008
Matt C --
Nov 06, 2007

Mitt Romney now leads the RealClearPolitics averages in the first four primary states.

Hugh Hewitt --
Nov 06, 2007

Yesterday's announcement from long time movement conservative activist Paul Weyrich that he would support Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination was big news...

Hot Air
Bryan Preston --
Nov 05, 2007

"Weyrich is among the handful of activists who can claim to have been present at the founding of the social conservative movement, and he's endorsing Romney."

Oct 19, 2007

"I think those who know me would say that I am pro-family on every level, from personal to political. I know this: the greatest blessing in my life is Ann and our five sons and daughters-in-law and ten grandchildren. My driving motivation is to have our kids and grandkids grow up in an America that is safe, prosperous and strong."

Sep 22, 2007

"America faces unprecedented challenges, a virtual perfect storm buffeting the pillars of our strength. The course of our history will change. And for America to remain the great nation it has always been, it will look to Republicans for leadership."

Jul 07, 2007

"Today, we face what is sure to be another inflection point in American history. A new generation of challenges, unprecedented challenges, means that we must change our present course."

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