Dedications flood in for prolific philatelist

Prolific philatelic writer and contributor to Stamp & Coin Mart, James Mackay sadly passed away last month, prompting a flood of praise from friends and colleagues.

Jim, as he was usually known, initially worked as a newspaper journalist and went on to write for many philatelic and numismatic publications around the world. He also published numerous books on a variety of subjects, including stamp and coin collecting. Titles included The Guinness Book of Stamps: Facts and Feats and The World of Classic Stamps 1840-1870. It is thought that he wrote more than 50 books and 10,000 articles during his long and eventful career.

S&CM Editor Matt Hill said; ‘James was one of a kind. His capacity to hold information was amazing, he had a great passion for collecting, and could enchant all with his enthralling stories. He will be sadly missed.’

Among his many published works was the biography of Robert Burns, for which he received the Saltire literary award and was awarded a Doctor of Literature (DLitt) from Glasgow University. The passionate Scot, who was President and Secretary of the Glasgow Philatelic Society, also wrote a biography of William Wallace, and an account of his time as a soldier stationed on St Kilda in the 1950s.
A close friend added; ‘Jim started his trek in philately when he was six and over the years expanded that love into all things postal. But despite his love of all things philatelic he also loved lecturing on just about any subject you can think of. His knowledge of history was phenomenal.’

Jim’s professionalism and enthusiasm meant he was always working on features for Stamp & Coin Mart, and his eloquent writing can be seen in this issue’s magazine, with further pieces being published next month.

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