Friday, July 25th, 1998

Cedar Falls to Monticello- 92 miles and 1777 Feet of Climbing

Towns visited-

Dunkerton, Jesup, Rowley, Quasqueton, Monti, (home of the famous quiz show host?) Ryan, Buck Creek

our thanks to Rich Ketcham from GeoBike for doing this great work and research and allowing us to put it here.

Conditions- Sunny and Clear- Cool- AM (55 degrees) warming to about 80 in the PM. Winds- slight tailwind. Terrain- Rolling Hills, modest incline, none memorable and just a bit of gravel.

A Very Long Ride!

Before we start with today- Last night in Cedar Falls had the best entertainment of the ride so far. The Cedar Falls Municipal Band, directed by Dennis Downs, gave a fine performance. Next a cycling comedian in the theater who has appeared on David Letterman. Third, in the band shell was Orquesta de Salza Alto Maize. I first heard this latin, jazz, and salza band on the ride in '94. They just returned last week from Germany and Switzerland. It was a great show, as always. Another highlight of Cedar Falls was going to Bruce's home for a home cooked meal and the opportunity to do the laundry!

This morning, we hit the road at 6:20 AM for the very long trek to Monticello. Our first town was Dunkerton, but we passed on through since we were trying to get miles in before breakfast. Next was Jesup, where we were greeted by a chorus of singing Nuns. These were real ones. They called themselves "Merry Sisters Merry" and were not only musical, but quite funny. The jokes were clean! This was a real hit with the ragbrai cyclists. It was a breakfast brat for our first meal of the day and we were back in the saddle.

Zach, one of our younger hawgs, told me the other day that this year he no longer had to call home daily since his parents check this page. I guess they figure that if there's a problem, we'll talk about it here. Well, they're right! Zach's Grandfather abandoned the tour last night leaving Zach on his own. Zach is doing just fine. We want to mention that he even has some new friends to ride with. Their names are Kristen, Emily, Jaci, and Erin! Way to go, Zach!

We've noticed this year that with all of the signs by the road for us from the various towns, some of the spelling is a bit interesting. In McCallsburg, a church advertised "Air Condisoning", in Quasqueton, they advertised "drincks", while in Buck Creek, they wanted us to buy "Treets."

Our next town was Rowley. We were greeted by the Summer Jazz Band from Independence HS which is under the direction of David Lang. Mr. Lang is teaching them improvisation skills and gave every single student the chance to solo! Great job, guys!

On to Quasqueton (Quas-quee-tin)- We entered town by crossing the Wapsipinicon River. It has some small rapids, a waterfall, and a picturesque bridge. We ate lunch Volume I of Prime Rib sandwich and a BLT. We ate at the shores of the river. The rest of the afternoon was spent whiling away the miles through Monti, Ryan, and Buck Creek. In Buck Creek, they were attracting customers to their lemonade stand in droves. Finally, at 2:50 PM, we reached our campsite on a fairway at the Monticello Golf Course at the North part of town after riding all the way through town, past the display booths, past the bike shop booths and all the way to the information booth at the South edge of town. Thanks, Monticello, for giving us the opportunity to ride an extra three miles.

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