The IndieHIG Wiki is a place where developers and UI designers can come together to create a new set of Human Interface Guidelines to supplement Apple’s guidelines. Apple has neglected to update their HIG and developer tools with modern UI designs and controls, so developers have been forced to replicate these UI elements on their own to keep their applications from looking dated. Since each developer has slightly different implementations of these elements, it has resulted in a fairly inconsistent look and feel for Mac OS users.

Some examples:

The HIG will consist of three main elements:

  • Guidelines

    The HIG will have new guidelines in a similar style as Apple’s. They will consist of design decisions such as sizes of controls, colors of views, positioning, etc, and if possible, the reasoning behind the decisions.

  • Images

    The HIG will contain a collection of icons and glyphs under an MIT license that developers can use to make their apps consistent with other apps of the same visual style.

  • Code

    The HIG will contain MIT licensed, open source, Mac OS X projects that developers can use to implement controls and other UI elements.

Feel free to head on over to the IndieHIG Wiki, register an account, and start contributing.

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