Tower Studios is a modern London based Development & Production House founded & managed by 3 of the most experienced & senior individuals in UK game development.





Jon Hare 

Co-founder/MD/Creative Director/Lead Designer - Sensible Software 1985-1999

Games Design and Business Consultant (Codemasters/Elixir/THQ/etc.) 1999-2004

Mike Montgomery

Development Manager – Virgin Games 1982 - 1986

Co-founder/MD/Executive Producer/Staff Manager – Bitmap Brothers 1986 - 2004

John Phillips

Renowned Games Creator 1983 – 1991

Technical Director – Bitmap Brothers 1991 - 2004





Management - Jon Hare and Mike Montgomery through their long time leaderships of Sensible Software & The Bitmap Brothers are two of the best known and most successful development directors in the UK, both have over 20 years experience in the simultaneous management of development teams, products, business & media.

John Phillips has considerable management experience as a technical director.


Development - Mike & Jon have been responsible for the production & direction of virtually all of the  Sensible and Bitmap titles that have ever been released.

Mike & John are top level programmers with 20 years experience across all formats.

Jon has also 7 years experience as lead games artists.


Creative Direction & Design - Jon is known as one of the top game designers in Europe  Jon Mike & John each have 20 years experience in Creative Direction & Games Design, winning countless industry awards & all three of them have in recent years consulted for clients such as Codemasters, THQ, Elixir, Nicely Crafted & several start up companies.  


Products- Between them on a total of 15 different formats the Tower Management have:-

* Designed, produced and developed 14 original Number One games

* Designed, produced and developed 32 other released original games

* Assisted with the design and development of 15 Other Released Games

* Designed and developed franchises that have generated over $200,000,000 at retail.





                                            Sensible Soccer          (Sensible World of Soccer, Sensible Soccer ’98)

                                            Speedball                    (Speedball 2, Speedball 2100)

                                            Cannon Fodder           (Cannon Fodder 2)

                                            Xenon                         (Xenon 2)

                                            Chaos Engine             (Chaos Engine 2)

                                            Wizball                        (Wizkid)

                                            Z                                  (Steel Soldiers)





Design, Direction & Management - Tower is uniquely positioned among UK development firms to offer extensive expertise in games design, creative direction & development team management


As a mobile games production house Tower offers a number of services both designing & prototyping games to spec and as the representative of a publisher, working closely with third party development teams to ensure the quality of any given game during each and any phase of it’s development


Design, Direction & Management services include:-

                                                                                                   * Game design

                                                                                                   * Prototyping

                                                                                                   * Creative direction

                                                                                                   * Technical management

                                                                                                   * Production

                                                                                                   * Team leadership

                                                                                                   * Developer/publisher/licensor liaison

                                                                                                   * Troubleshooting


Development - Tower is fast establishing itself as one of the UKs leading development teams for top quality games on mobile/cell phone platforms and recently signed a multi-product deal with Kuju Wireless including  Sensible Soccer & Cannon Fodder for Mobile Phones both of which are currently eagerly awaited by the operators.


Tower is also currently contracted to develop a number of original mobile games and has imminent announcements to make regarding the contracted development of further mobile games attached to big licenses.





Tower is interested in securing contracts with a select number of publishing partners with whom to establish long term relationships both as a mobile games Production House and as a Developer of mobile games.





Name:        Jon Hare

Email:        Jon AT tower-studios DOT co DOT uk