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Code Age Commanders Review

Gamer gives it 78%

In Code Age Commanders you play as one of four characters who must fight their way through missions filled with hordes of enemies and bosses. You can button mash your way through many levels but the real fun comes from special attacks and morphing your fists into crazy weapons. If youíre looking for a kind of Dynasty Warriors light with the Square Enix touch then this might be the game for you.

The first and most impressive thing youíll notice when entering your first mission is the graphics. The character and environment design is beautiful and on par with those of Kingdom Hearts. The animation is just as good and makes for a visual. For better or worse SE shows off the graphics in lots and lots of cutscenes which happen before and after missions. There are also flashback scenes that are unlocked after every mission that amount to extra cutscenes. If you donít know Japanese the story will be lost for the most part but watching the scenes will still give you an overall feel for whatís going on.

When you arenít sitting around watching these scenes youíll be in a mission playfield defeating enemies. You can lock on to enemies 3D Zelda style and button mash your way into huge combos. Along with the mashing you can also do special attacks based on what you have recently absorbed. When running through the playfield youíll see little animal looking creatures that you can absorb into either your left or right hand. Once they are absorbed you can toggle which youíd like to use and use it. Effects range from healing yourself, healing an area, attacking with a big bomb, or even slowing down enemies within a certain area. The small animals are named Otero and are really the core of the fun to be had within Code Age Commanders fighting system.

When you get farther into the game blocking also becomes a needed skill as the bosses get nearly impossible. Blocking reduces your armís energy gauge and if you block too much youíll be stunned and open to attack. But if you block and then push the block button right when the enemy is attacking you can counter the attack and get back to bashing. In some missions youíll also have the help of friend NPC characters who talk to you and bash anything in their way.

When you defeat an enemy it will sometimes drop a small ball called a Dropped Code. If you absorb this youíll gain points after the mission is completed. With these points you can buy codes that you can install in yourself to upgrade your abilities. Nearly every mission new codes become available at high Dropped Code prices. In a lot of missions you can just run to the end and fight the boss, but if you do youíll never be able to upgrade these internal codes and this definitely hurts you later on. This whole system kind of feels tacked on like late in development SE figured out that you could just run to the end and they felt like they needed to stop that.

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