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Toon Zone News > Front Page - CN Upfront: "Ben 10" Live Action and Animated Movies In Production-UPDATED
Cartoon Network CN Upfront: "Ben 10" Live Action and Animated Movies In Production-UPDATED
By Ben
02-16-2007, 3:01 PM

Cartoon Network will produce two movies based on its series Ben 10, the network says.

Alex Winter, star of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and a voice actor on Saul of the Mole Men will direct a live-action Ben 10 feature that will premiere in December. Winter stated at the 2007 Upfront presentation that he wants "this thing to look like X-Men," an epic adventure that will be "more cinematic than cartoony" and appeal to all ages. Casting on the film is under way and the production is expected to wrap in October. CG effects and characters will be used, but Winter promises the film will feature "no Jar Jar." Winter previously directed a CG animated global advertising campaign for Tony the Tiger, and expressed a deep interest in the rapidly advancing technology.

An animated feature film based on the Ben 10 series will precede the live-action film with a November release. In the animated film, Ben accidentally sets the Omnitrix on self-destruct and must find its creator to shut it down. CN's Michael Ouweleen described the film's villain as "like Darth Vader without the sense of humor."

Thanks to Chris Wood for on-site reporting from the upfront in New York.

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