DIY Cloth Menstrual Pads Tutorial
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1.  The pattern pieces cut out--> Top- 1 Fashion Fabric, 1 Lining Fabric;  Backing "wings"- 2 cotton, 2 nylon (moisture barrier)
2.  Fold over 1/2 inch on straight side of all Backing "wings," press. Lay down 1 nylon piece, fold side pointing up. (I used fusable seam tape here to hold them together because the nylon slips around, but you can just pin.) Then lay the cotton piece on top, fold pointing down. Iron to fuse together, or just pin and go to next step.
3.  Sew the straight sides of the "wings" using a zig-zag stitch to make it pretty.
4.  Now, stack all the layers like this:
5.  Even up your edges and pin them together. (they are in the order of step 4). I left HUGE seam allowances, cause I can sew on a line better than I can by following the edge of the fabric, so here I traced my "actual size" template:
6.  Sew a straight stitch all the way around on that line, then trim off the excess edges. You'll want to cut about 1/8 inch from the sew line:
7.  Turn right side out and press
8.  *horrible pic* Here, I have used a zig-zag stitch to top-stitch the pad (around the edges to keep it flat), and added velcro for closure. You can use buttons, snaps, etc for a closure:
Top of pad, folded:
Bottom of pad (with toweling insert)
How to Wear Your Pad Toweling Insert Tutorial
I thought the $$$ print fabric showed off the idea nicely. Instead of paying sooo much money every month, these are pretty cheap, really easy, and last for years.
I "recycled" a black cotton t-shirt, cotton shorts, and waterproof nylon shorts to make this. But, you can purchase fabric (flannel is easier to sew than t-shirt) if you want. I just had these fabrics laying around. 

Here are the websites that helped me the most on fabric selection, etc. (but I don't have a serger, nor did I like the shapes of their pads very much, hence, making my own pattern):
You can also do a web search for "cloth menstrual pads" for a LOT more information.
"Overnight" or Heavy
"Junior" or Regular Sized Templates "Super" or Long Sized
"Lite" or Pantly Liner