EMIGRANTS TO NEW ZEALAND - embarked on the "CELOENO" on 10 10 1870
FROM NORWAY: Andersen, Carl (male), aged 22, blacksmith Andersen, Anne O (female), aged 22, wife Andreason, Johann (male), aged 27, carpenter Andreason, Helene (female), aged 30, wife Andreason, Johanne (female), aged 2½ Andreason, Josephine, infant Arnesen, Arne (male), 29, cattle driver and tender Arnesen, Karen (female), aged 28, wife Arnesen, Kaja G (female) aged 8 Arnesen, Anna O (female), aged 5 Bergersen, Carl (male), aged 25, carpenter Bergersen, Karen (female), aged 25, wife Bergersen, Oscar B (male), aged 2 Bosen, Martin (male), aged 20, machinist Bosen, Martha A (female), aged 20, wife Christensen, C (male), aged 30, baker and miller Christensen, Maria V, aged 30, wife Christensen, Mathea (female), aged 2 Christiansen, V C (male), aged 31, carpenter Christiansen, Maria N (female), aged 27, wife Christiansen, Christian A, infant Gulbrandsen, L (male), aged 29, workman Gulbrandsen, Elen (female), aged 28, wife Gulbrandsen, Ole G, infant Gundersen, Torkil (male), aged 33, tailor Gundersen, Kari O (female), aged 28, wife Hansen, G (male), aged 22, workman Hansen, Thore H (female), aged 21, wife Johannesen, B (male), aged 27, workman Johannesen, Elisabeth B (female), aged 27, wife Johannesen, Johan B, infant Jule, Anders H (male), aged 32, carpenter Jule, Martha (female), aged 22, wife Jule, Hans (female), aged 4¾ Jule, Diora G, infant Olsen, Edward (male), aged 26, common workman Olsen, Berthea J (female), aged 28, wife Olsen, Carl B, infant Pedersen, Jorgen (male), aged 28, workman Pedersen, Anne A (female), aged 33, wife Pedersen, Albertha (female), aged 5 Pedersen, Nils (male), aged 20, workman Pedersen, Berth O (female), aged 21, wife Pedersen, Bernt, infant Reinersten, Peter H (male), aged 26, common workman Reinersten, Marie H (female), aged 32, wife Sorensen, B (male), aged 26, workman Sorensen, Karen (female), aged 24, wife Sorensen, Ole G, infant FROM SWEDEN: Berggoist V J (male), aged 35, workman Berggoist Johanna (female), aged 24½, wife Berggoist Emma (female), aged 4 Berggoist Carl J, infant Source: New Zealand, Parliament Correspondence relative to the Introduction of Emigrants into New Zealand, volume 1 Government Printer, 1864 - 1878