Player Eligibility
  • Any team in the playoffs: Players are required to show their Student ID and Driver's License

  • Players must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students at the respective school they are playing for.

  • The NCLL may ask for a school to submit a roster with each player's name and the seal of the school's registrar.

  • Individuals who have exhausted NCAA Eligibility (4 years of NCAA lacrosse or 2 years JUCO and 2 years of NCAA lacrosse) are ineligible. Players who have played NCAA lacrosse but have not completed their eligibility (example: Played 2 years and stopped playing) are eligible. It is strongly advised to notify the Commissioner when you have such a player.

  • ALL PLAYERS are required to show their student ID's when requested. If a team uses a player without a current ID for the school he is playing for or the player refuses to show his ID and that person plays, that team will forfeit the game.

  • Outside players are prohibited. Playing with outside or players who are not attending the school will face penalties from the league.

  • Contact the Commissioner regarding eligibility of any player you may have questions about.