Bridgewater Canal – Runcorn Locks (Under Restoration)

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Proposals to restore Runcorn Locks at the western extremity of the Bridgewater Canal have been under consideration for a number of years and are, in principle, supported by Halton Borough Council.  IWA’s 2005 National Festival & Inland Boat Show was held at nearby Preston Brook partly with a view to demonstrate support for the restoration of this waterway connection, and to follow on the work of IWA’s National Campaign Rally held in Runcorn the previous year by IWA’s Chester and District Branch.  Because of issues associated with the current road layout of the approaches to the existing ‘Silver Jubilee’ bridge across the Mersey, progress with the proposed restoration is unlikely to go ahead until construction works starts on a replacement Runcorn to Widnes Bridge.  Work to construct the proposed bridge had been expected to start shortly, albeit that it has been the subject of plans for many years.  However, despite the traffic congestion now caused by the existing bridge getting relentlessly worse, funding problems have led to further delays and some of the campaigning intended at the National Festival became less appropriate.  A Runcorn Locks Restoration Society was formed in 2004 following the rally in Runcorn.

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