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Swaledale Cow's Milk Cheese (P.D.O)

The" traditional" Swaledale, made with full fat cows milk. Matured for 3-4 weeks with a natural rind or in wax. Creamy in colour with a light, open texture, very moist, slightly acidic, mild yet distinctive.

Swaledale Ewe's Milk Cheese (P.D.O)

The "original" Swaledale made in the dale more than 500 years ago. 100% sheep's milk gives this cheese a little more body than cows milk version, yet still retaining the light, creamy, moist texture characteristic of Swaledale cheese.

Swaledale Goat's Milk Cheese

Made to a traditional Swaledale recipe with 100% goats milk, creamy and moist with a mild pleasantly acidic tang.

Swaledale Smoked Goats

Once the Swaledale Goats cheese has been made it is then gently smoked, over oak chippings, for 2 days, the result being a creamy moist cheese with a mild smoked flavour and a rich velvety texture.
Swaledale goat cheese is made with 100% goats milk to the traditional Swaledale recipe, made in the dale for more than 500 years.

Swaledale Italiana

Swaledale cheese is handmade with full fat cows milk to the traditional farmhouse recipe. Before pressing we gently mix in to the curd, fresh chopped Basil and the best Italian sun dried tomatoes we can buy. The combination of the creamy moist Swaledale and Mediterranean flavours results in a truly memorable cheese. This cheese is excellent for cooking, in salads or just on a cheeseboard.


Old Peculier Swaledale

Before pressing the Swaledale cheese we soak the pieces of warm moist curd in Theakstons Old Peculier Yorkshire Ale, 4floz. to every lb. of curd. It is then lightly pressed and coated in black wax or matured with a natural rind. The finished cheese has a marbled appearance, a soft texture and leaves you in no doubt of its old peculiar flavour.

Bedale Cow's Milk Cheese

This is a crumbly, yet moist cows milk cheese with a mild, cheshire type farmhouse flavour.

Blue Swaledale

For years we have been trying to develop Blue Swaledale as near to the original cheese as possible. We now think that after long trials and experiments for taste and consistency we have achieved the ultimate Blue Swaledale with its creamy texture, medium blue veining and mellow nutty after taste. an excellent rival to any blue cheese on the menu.

Swaledale With Chives and Garlic

No skimping on the fresh chives and fresh garlic in this one. This combination, added to the soft moist texture of traditional Swaledale is very morish and extremely popular.

Richmond Smoked

Traditional Swaledale, gently smoked with oak chippings, matured for 3 weeks, resulting in a perfect balance between the moist texture of Swaledale and the mellow oak smoking   giving it a subtle nutty flavour.

Organic Swaledale

Organic Swaledale like the Swaledale cows milk cheese is made to the same traditional farmhouse recipe which has been handed down the generations for hundreds of years. Our Organic milk is supplied to us from the Calvert families Hazelbrow farm in Low Row, upper Swaledale. Once the Organic Swaledale is made it is allowed to mature on wooden shelves, turned daily, until it has formed it's unmistakable bluey grey natural rind, approximately 1 month. Inside the cheese is creamy in colour with a light open texture, very moist, mild yet distinctive.

Organic registration with the soil association.

PDO: Protection of Designation of Origin
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