The Applix 1616 Project

The 1616 was (is!) a 68000-based single board computer running a multiuser, multitasking operating system. About 400 machines were manufactured.  Almost all were shipped in kit form, to be assembled by their owners.

Development started in 1986, ramped down around 1990 and basically stopped in 1992.  The 1616 started life as a diskless computer with an assembler in EPROM.  Mass storage was on audio cassette.  By the time development ended the system supported floppy and SCSI disks, a 34010 graphics card and a memory expansion board.  It ran the GNU C and C++ compilers and their libraries, a multiline BBS with shell access, news and email.  I ported Steve Uhler's MGR window manager (later ported to GNU/Linux) in 1991 or thereabouts.

History of the project

The hardware

The operating system, 1616/OS (downloadable)

1616 Applications

The users

Cool hacks


Andrew Morton, 8 March 1999