The Secret World of Duvbo
The Secret World of Duvbo
by CrimethInc.Runaway International

This delightful little slumber time mini-book put out by CrimethInc is subtitled, “a magical story about a perfectly ordinary world”. The Secret World of Duvbo, “composed long ago, in the darkness of a Swedish winter,” is a refreshing reminder of the heartening and whimsical nature of earlier CrimethInc, like Days of War, Nights of Love, before they started heading down the more activist-oriented road with propaganda like Don’t Just Vote, Get Active (see “Reviews” in issue #18). It is an innocent tale of a curious boy who inadvertently discovers a reoccurring clandestine nocturnal celebration in the midst of a monotonous and regimented average town. In this tale of the sorrow of repressed desires, we are reminded that our passions can eventually find a release. Reminiscent of the simple, playful, and curious writings of Italo Calvino (Marcovaldo, Invisible Cities, and If on a winter’s night a traveler), we discover that our wildest dreams can only be realized if we, despite the uncertainty, fully embrace them.

Obtained for a song from: CrimethInc. Editions Unadulterated, PO Box 1963, Never-Never Land.

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Review - Published in GA issue #19 - Spring 2005
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