News Conference at the Sinsheim Museum in Germany

With the renown “Herr Hermann” attending, from the Sinsheim museum, a popular museum dedicated to transportation, an informational meeting was held to enlighten participating racecar drivers from the old continent. It was the perfect setting to share information and exchange opinions with drivers from Belgium, France and of course from Germany for the upcoming “La Carrera Panamericana” in its 2006 edition.

This event was held by Eduardo León, La Carrera Panamericana founder and honorary president and Kurt Richter, German representative and delegate. A stunning Alfa Romeo Guiullieta 1900 was showcased, it belongs to “Scuderia del Portello”, Alfa Romeo’s right hand for European Vintage auto racing.

At the same venue, a Mercedes Benz 220 S was showcased. This racecar will be one of the participating vehicles in the upcoming Mexican event, which will take place in November and will start from Veracruz, newly appointed city for the initiation of the 2006 “La Carrera Panamericana”.

Among a one-of-a-kind automotive collection, which includes a basic pedal car to the most sophisticated F-1 cars once driven by Senna and Schumacher, to the luxury of the Rolls Royce, Bentleys and Bugattis and overshadowed Concorde and Tupoleus Sendos, this event had it all from nostalgia to modernity, all elements proper of the 2006 edition of “La Carrera Panamericana”.