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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The Criminal Mind . . . .

Genius comes in all shapes and sizes.  Apparently, this criminal was in the wrong line when they were passing out portions of "criminal mastermind" ability.

A female employee of a Southside grocery store was arrested and charged with theft.  Here's her alleged "master plan":  The employee allegedly accessed the store's bank accounts to withdraw cash, put the withdrawn cash in the store's "cash room drawer" and then took the surplus cash for herself.

She did this (over a period of time) to the tune of almost $100,000.  Well, as her misfortune would have it, the store's accountants noticed the discrepancy and checked the withdrawals. . . . OK, here it comes, the moment of "evil genius":  The offender conducted the transactions using her INDIVIDUALLY ASSIGNED password.


She's in jail. . . where she belongs. . . before she hurts herself trying to come up with another "brilliant" scheme.

Stay safe out there.


People like this also drive up prices and can close a business. Thank god she was arrested.

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