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Social Capital

The Social Capital website is currently under development.
Please visit the old site at:

Social capital refers to the norms and networks that enable collective action. Increasing evidence shows that social cohesion — social capital — is critical for poverty alleviation and sustainable human and economic development. This web site is the World Bank’s link with external partners, researchers, institutions, governments and others interested in understanding and applying social capital for sustainable social and economic development. It aims to:

  • improve our understanding of social capital and its contribution towards poverty reduction, social stability and economic development;
  • focus on the implications for program and policy design and methods for operationalizing the concept of social capital in a diverse range of interventions, within and beyond the World Bank;
  • provide a forum for cross-discipline dialogue for clarifying the conceptual framework, measures and development applications related to social capital;
  • facilitate coordination and dissemination of information;
  • stimulate cutting-edge research efforts by linking development practitioners, researchers and policymakers in specific knowledge areas.
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