Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name "The Perry Bible Fellowship"?
Probably the same reason Madonna goes by the name "Madonna": It's cool because you know she's not a Madonna. The comic is definitely not a Perry Bible Fellowship.

"The Perry Bible Fellowship", or "Perry Bible Fellowship"?
The PBF. Treat it like a rock band though. For instance: "I own a White Stripes album", not "I own a The White Stripes album".

My band is coming out with a CD soon. Would you like to do the album art?
Maybe if you're The White Stripes, or Madonna or something.

Why are there comics missing from the archive?
Some comics just aren’t meant for the internet. Look for them in a book someday.

Is there a collection of PBF strips available in book form?
I'm working on one with Dark Horse Comics.

What programs do you use to draw the strips?
I sometimes color with Adobe Photoshop, but generally stick to watercolors, pencils, markers, paints, inks, etc.

I'm hoping to make a career in art. What advice can you give me?
Harrison Ford was an on-set carpenter when George Lucas hired him to play Han Solo. Try being a policeman, or a farmer.

You should include your name or site information on your image files.
It looks a bit redundant if you're viewing them on this site, but yeah, you’re probably right. Sometimes I sign my initials:

What is Skub?
It's just something bland and insignificant. Perhaps one of those novelty goops that were popular in the 90's, or a wax to make your turtle's shell smell like pine.

How long does it take to make a strip?
A strip concept could require several months of consideration and revision, or it could be hatched in a single moment. It could take 2 days to render, or it could be executed over the course of 2 months. It's a very difficult thing to measure, especially when you factor in power naps and research time.

Where do you come up with your fu**ed up ideas?
The majority of strips come from looking at a character or situation in my sketchpad, and wondering what could happen to it. Occasionally a comic concept will be cooked up with a friend like Evan Keogh or Jordan Morris, or enhanced by a suggestion from a thoughtful family member or Instant Messenger associate. In all cases, I believe it's necessary for comedic pieces to bend our conception of life into loops and kinks; that laughter is a cough-like defense that occurs when a reader's cognitive facilities experience a sudden overflow of information -often in the form of a paradox, silly face, or boobie.

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