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Ms. Rika is a lifestyle domme.
For the past 15 years, she has
been experimenting with various
forms of D/s relationships.
Over the past two years,
she has begun to write down her
views of lifestyle D/s from a
realistic, no-nonsense, highly
experienced point of view.
Although her preference and
writing style is Female Dominant /
Male Submissive, most of the
concepts are applicable to all
combinations of partners.

True Submission
"True submission is not about what the domme does TO the sub.
It's about what the sub does FOR the domme."

Adding D/s to a Relationship
"The more you apply yourself and learn to submit, the more dominant your partner will become."

The Vanilla Domme
"You can't pretend it doesn't exist. It's not going to go away…if you don't handle it, it will fester and look for a release.."

Attributes of a D/s Relationship
"The purpose of this article is to promote thinking about these attributes, identifying their two primary sources and exploring ways to put them into the proper perspective ..."

Passion, Humility, & Gratitude
"Maintain your commitment to these principles and dedicate yourself to learning how to achieve 100% service. You'll both be happier."

Starting (or Jump Starting) your D/s Relationship
"There are three basic steps to creating or recreating successful D/s relationships..."

We Are No Different...
"EVERY relationship benefits from good, open communications... Being in a D/s relationship is no excuse to suddenly focus on communications..."

D/s is Not a Romance Novel
The facts are simple: Lifestyle D/s people are just people!

The Power of Irony
"She understands that when a submissive is forced to confront the truth of the paradox, and rationalize his reaction to it, he feels more deeply involved in his role in the power exchange."

The Joy of Denial
"Contrary to all you've been taught about relationships, there is true joy in denying your man the most intimate of pleasures."

Male Chastity Devices
"No matter how much self-discipline the sub has mastered, the physical reality of a device will shock his system. "

A Birthday in the Life of a Slave
"Once a year, every year, a slave deserves a special day. My husband's 41st birthday is coming up later this month, and I feel like treating him special for that day."

Regression vs Submission
"However, in my opinion, attempting to find lost childhood may well be a reasonable thing to do ... but it's not submission."

Submissive Utility Quotient
"A list by which submissives may judge (or be judged)
as to how useful they are to their Mistress. Provides many good ideas on how a slave/sub can be useful in a service-oriented relationship."

Rewards vs Treats
"The message a domme sends when she gives rewards is that, one reason for being a good sub is to gain the reward."

Simple Gifts
"Treats can also be quick, simple gifts which are easy to give and leave a lasting impression."