- Technical Papers

Papers presented at technical meetings

We hold, currently, bi-monthly technical meetings at which members of volunteer to give talks on what they are doing. These have ranged from music with perl to mars quarks and quantum mechanics.

Find out details of upcoming technical talks on the meetings page.

2006 March 23rd

Held at Fotango .

Richard Jones - OCaml for Perl Programmers

Paul Hammond - Introduction to JSON (lightning talk)

Leon Brocard - Make real things with PDF::API2 (lightning talk - no slides)

Stig Brautaset - Module::Build::Kwalitee (lightning talk)

Nicholas Clark - The Perl Foundation, their money, and how to get it. (lightning talk)

Tom Hukins - Tracing code with (lightning talk)

Alistair McGlinchy - SNMP and Net::SNMP (lightning talk)

Simon Cozens - Domain Specific Languages, evil CHECK block hacks and Email Received Header parsing (lightning talk - no slides)

Dave Cross - What's Wrong With ORM?

2004 September 9th

Held at BUPA House in Holborn, this technical talk covered some recent articles and modules by the speakers and provided an opportunity to see an upcoming YAPC::Europe talk.

Mark Fowler gave a talk about 'dumb errors' and spoke about the Phalanx project.

Alex Mclean talked about making music in Perl, giving a live demonstration of what he's been talking about in his 'as seen on slashdot today' article .

Simon Cozens gave a talk, simply labelled "What I've been working on", which will probably have covered things like Where Was, his new 'search everything you've ever seen' and other exciting things.

Tom Hukins did his talk on Running Web Business With Perl , which he's practising for the upcoming YAPC::Europe.

Trelane also blogged about the talk and other stuff at

2004 July 22nd

Held at Morgan Stanley, this technical meeting was made up of many lightening talks including

  • Tom Hukins spoke about Class::DBI .
  • Jerakeen spoke about Object::Persist
  • Steve Purkis talked about Pixie . You can find a good introduction to Pixie at the IBM Developworks website.
  • Mark Fowler spoke about Unicode

2004 May 27th

Held upstairs at The Angel Pub, Old Street, sponsered by Fotango who kindly provided a small buffet.

Nicholas Clark, the perl 5.8.0 pumpking and leading ponie developer gave a quick summary of some of the development that's going on with the perl core and ponie (Perl On New Internal Engine.)

Ivor Williams gave us a preview of the Geographical modules talk for YAPC::Europe

Mark Fowler did likewise for his talk on turning Perl Modules into CPAN Bundlers for YAPC::NA this year

James Duncan gave a twenty minute version of the talk on Enterprise Perl for YAPC::NA and OSCON

We were also lucky to have Chia-liang Kao, the developer of the Perl based revision control system SVK in town. He gave a brief introduction to the current status of the project and what SVK can do for us.

2004 January 22nd

Sponsered by Fotango, and held in a local pub

Ivor Williams talked about Portable perl

Leon Brocard talked about perl 5.005_04 and perl pumpkins

blogged in acme's use.perl journal

2003 November 27th

Talks at Morgan Stanly

Andy Wardley - Template Toolkit 3

David Lillie and Nick Williams - Coyote development experience

Shevek - designing completely and utterly secure systems

Nick - report on the CPAN meeting

2003 September 18th

Dave Cross gave a talk on Writing a Book Using The Template Toolkit, where he talks about writing the upcoming "Perl Template Toolkit" book that he co-authored. You can see his article based on this at

Martin Ling gave a talk on Alzabo and gave a brief summary : Alzabo ( is a Perl data modelling tool that groks relational database systems. You can use it to manipulate database schemas in the abstract, reverse engineer them from existing DBs, and generate SQL diffs to a live database to rearrange its structure. It also provides an object-oriented runtime API which provides similar features to Class::DBI and other modules. Martin Ling will give an overview of its capabilities, compare it to other related modules and preview some new features in development.

Nicholas Clark gave a lightning talk on the upcoming release of Perl 5.8.1 and what's changed in the new shiny shiny version of Perl.

Mark Fowler waffled about his new Attempt module.

Leon Brocard talked about the plans for the CPAN cabal meeting a couple of weeks later entitled "How can we make CPAN even better?"

Tom Hukins presented a lighting talk about his experiences of teaching Perl to absolute beginners.

James Duncan was explaining to us why he's never ever going to write another container class again.

Finally Earle Martin was detailing Stupid RSS Tricks On IRC.

2003 July 17th

Talks at The Angel pub,Old Street

Steve Purkis talked about 'Pangloss' , a multilingual terminology management system built on OpenFrame/Pixie. His slides are onlines here

Paul Mison presented on Managing Digital Music Metadata with Perl you can get the PDF (of YAPC talk) here or read his Notes

Arthur Bergman, James Duncan and Leon Brocard talked about the infamous Ponie project that all the cool kids are abuzz about these days, and fielding questions.

Richard Clamp talked about his funky Bluetooth remote control for his computer he made out of his mobile phone and some Perl code . .. it got blogged elsewhere along with some other info

Tim Sweetman gave a lightning talk on some new concepts he's proposing for improving Wikis.

Dominic Mitchell gave a lightning talk on general usage of namespaces in XML, and surprises therein

Finally, Nigel Hamilton presented the second part of his series of jovial looks at IP law from a programmer's point of view.

There is a review of the night by Mark Fowler in his use.perl journal

2003 May 22nd

Talks at State51

Richard Clamp - Siesta mailing list manager

Timeline , Siesta talk , Mariachi

2003 April 14th

"Templating Engines and Processing Content" mini-tech meet at Yahoo including David Weeler's half hour talk on Bricolage, and a 40 min discussion with an illustrious panel

Some notes blogged by Paul Hammond

2003 March 13th

Lots of talks at Yahoo

Matt Biddulph - Lightning talk on RDF and the Semantic Web

Celia - Soap operas and the semantic web

Ivor - VCS::Lite

Matt and Jo - RDF and the semantic web

Nigel - Intellectual Property

Nik - AxKit::App::Gallery .mov of the talk - 40 megs!

Schwern - MakeMaker is DOOMED

2003 January 23rd

2002 Novemeber 21st

Many lightening talks - View them here

2002 September 12th

Leon Brocard - Perl 6 Now

Mark Fowler - Extending the Template Toolkit

James Duncan - OpenFrame

Nicholas Clark - When Perl Is Not Quite Fast Enough

2002 July 18th

Leon Brocard: - Modules I like, modules I dislike

Chris Ball: "Magicpoint: A meta-presentation"

Dave Cross: "Idiomatic Perl" (another extract)

Jo Walsh: "Why bots and the semantic web will change the world.

Paul Mison: "The One Where I Bore You To Death About Scribot"

Pierre Denis: "A Talk About Vx"

2002 March 21st

Richard Clamp: - Acme::Your

Nicholas Clark: - The State Of 5.8

Alex Gough: - Meaningful Strong Typing with Data::Dimensions

Leon Brocard: - Pipelines - humor!

Mark Fowler: - Building Test Modules With Test::Builder

Simon Wilcox: - Practical Perl Advocacy

2002 January 24th

Leon Brocard - Beginning to Program Parrot Assembler

Richard Clamp - The Road To Attribute::Parameters

Dave Cross - Idiotic Perl

Nicholas Clark - Long Numbers in Perl 5

Mark Fowler - Advent Calendar Recap

2001 November 22nd

Leo Lapworth - Wackamole and

Leon Brocard - Benchmarking in Perl

James Duncan- Open Frame - Application, also on CPAN

Dave Cross - NMS

Matthew Byng-Maddick - KeyMan

Piers - refactoring

2001 September 20th

Paul Mison - RSS, Infobots and You - A talk on getting news feeds into dipsy

Richard Clamp and Michael Stevens - Pod::Coverage - Making sure modules are documented

Michael Stevens - Mail::ListDetector - Automatically sorting mail on mailing lists

Mark Fowler and Richard Clamp - Wax::On Wax::Off - a repeat of their talk at yapc on humourous ways to teach perl

Simon Cozens - Parrot - What's happening in the weird and wacky world of the Perl 6 (and friends) virtual machine development

Leon Brocard - Java - getting Java byte code compiled to Parrot

2001 July 19th

Leon Brocard - Testing Perl - some good points about and methods for, testing your code.

Richard Clamp - Using tcpdump to learn how to code

Redvers Davies - Gtk tutorial, how to make a gui for X windows with Perl.

Simon Wistow - Perl::Flash - now written in C! - but with a perl interface

2001 June 21st

Marty Pauly: Using TT instead of h2xs - very nice, now where's the module Marty ?

Dave Cross: Perl For The People , talked about making all other programming languages beside perl illegal (and we believed he was right).

Leo Lapworth: Website Status Report - it's alive I tell you, alive!

Robin Houston: Something Scary About Regexes, and that's an understatment, because it also involved Quantum::Sups

Leon Brocard: Something Cool Using, funky stuff from the 'YEA BABY' himself.

Mark Fowler: Using Template Toolkit and XML to render - well almost anything using views, ok, so it wasn't given on this date