- PLAYSTATION®3 - PixelJunk™ Racers

PixelJunk™ Racers

Mild Cartoon Violence

Genre: Racing - Action-oriented

Publisher: SCEA


Release Date: 09/2007

Players: 1-7


Game Description

PixelJunk™ Racers is an addictive slot car racing game that supports 1080p and features single player and multiplayer fun (up to 7 players simultaneously offline!). Intuitive controls, 32 different race modes, and online rankings will provide countless hours of racing mayhem.


  • Unlimited Racing Action – 16 core racing modes with varying degrees of difficulty for a total of 32 modes, including an in-depth single-player tournament and offline multiplayer modes (up to 7 players!).
  • Full HD at 1080p – Speed through 10 richly detailed courses.
  • SIXAXIS™ Wireless Controller - Use the controller’s left and right buttons on the D-pad to steer through traffic, master cornering, and overtake rival vehicles.
  • Global Online Ranking – Play for your personal best in Score Attack and see how you stack up against other racers worldwide.

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Compatible Accessories

  • PLAYSTATION®Network Compatible
  • SIXAXIS™ Wireless Controller