5.56mm (.22 Cal)
The Nammo 5.56mm ammunition is available in the following types:

5.56 x 45mm Ball
Comparable to NATO Ball. SS109 lead/steel bullet.

5.56 x 45mm Tracer
Tracer ammunition with minimum trace distance 600 meters. Matched trajectory to NATO Ball.

5.56 x 45mm SRC
Lead free short range ammunition. Max safety fan: <1500 meters. Trajectory matched to NATO Ball up to 200m. Also suitable for combat. E.g. peace keeping missions.

5.56 x 45mm NT Ball HP
Totally lead free ammunition. Improved penetration compared to ordinary NATO Ball. NATO qualified. Penetrates 3.42 mm steel @ 625 meters.

5.56 x 45mm NT Tracer
Lead free tracer ammunition. Minimum trace distance 600 m. NATO qualification pending. Matched trajectory to NATO Ball.

5.56 x 45mm IR-Tracer
Infra Red tracer, only visible with NVD’s. Minimum trace distance 600 m. Short ignition time for easy detection. Matched trajectory to NATO Ball.

5.56 x 45mm AP
Armour piercing ammunition. Penetrates 12mm RHA @ 100m. Type classified in US with designation M995.

5.56 x 45mm Plastic Blank Ammunition
5.56 mm Plastic Blank Ammunition is developed for use in the Colt M16/C7, H&K G36, Steyr AUG (in clips) and FN MINIMI (linked) together with a Blank Firing Attachment. Safety distance is 3 m in front of muzzle.

5.56 x 45mm Plastic Short Range Training Ammunition (PSRTA)
5.56 mm PSRTA is developed for use in the Colt M16/C7 and H&K G36 together with a light bolt. Training distance for PSRTA is 30 m and is an obvious choice for MOUT training.

All 5.56mm Plastic Training Ammunition by Nammo Bakelittfabrikken feeds and fires like standard ammunition, permitting safe and realistic MOUT training.


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