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Uniform info: The girl and her parents can choose what uniform option she chooses to wear.
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Guides range from nine to eleven years of age.

Girls participate in activities, talk with friends, learn new things, and help others. Most of the Guide Program is based on the Promise and Law.

The new program follows four program areas: : "You in Guiding", "You and Others", "Discovering You" and "Beyond You". There are 16 new Interest Badges, and girls can choose from their various interests.

Each level contains an activity for the whole group, and there are also many that can be completed individually. Interest badges are included so that a girl can pursue a specific interest. In a Guide Unit, the girls are divided into small groups called patrols. One of the girls is selected to be the patrol leader and another to be the patrol second. The adults who lead are known as Guiders.



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