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November 03, 2007
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New York (Roseland Ballroom)
October 22, 2007
Detroit (Music Hall)
October 09, 2007
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October 16, 2007
Bloomington, Ind. (Bluebird)
October 13, 2007
New York (Roseland Ballroom)
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Taking Chances
Producer(s): various
Label: Columbia
Celine Dion's 10th English-language studio album and first in three years showcases an artist eager to escape all preconceptions. On "Taking Chances," the world's best-selling female artist lets go of diva serenades in favor of true grit. All elements signal fresh direction, from producers Ben Moody, Linda Perry and Ne-Yo; lyrics that address edgy life lessons; and vocal technique foregoing creamy polish. Still, authenticity commands Dion's mission. The midtempo rock title track is destined for AC's top 10, while other radio triumphs include the empowering "My Love" and a rowdy cover of Heart's "Alone." Also noteworthy are the Janis Joplin-esque "That's Just the Woman in Me" and "This Time," a chilling socially conscious rock ballad about a battered woman. Packing an emotional wallop, "Chances" should quash critics who insist that Dion's voice is stainless steel. —Chuck Taylor

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