29th Battalion (The East Melbourne Regiment) [Australia]
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29th Battalion (The East Melbourne Regiment)
Victoria, Australia  
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Note: This is a battalion history of the part-time Reserves, which are normally liable for full-time active service only in an emergency
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  Titles and Lineage
1913 55th Infantry
raised from nucleus of 56th Infantry
1913 55th (Collingwood) Infantry
1918 29th Infantry Regiment (Collingwood Rifles)
reorganised to perpetuate 27th Battalion AIF
  • 1st Battalion, formed from 27th Battalion, AIF
  • 2nd Battalion, formed from 55th Infantry
  • 3rd Battalion, formed from 55th Battalion Senior Cadets
  • 4th Battalion
  • 5th Battalion
1919 29th Infantry Regiment (Collingwood Regiment)
1921 29th Battalion
reduced to single battalion, formed by amalgamation of parts of 2/29th Infantry, 5/29th Infantry, and 29th Light Horse; other parts of same units separated to form 60th Battalion
1927 60th Battalion (The East MelbourneRegiment)
1930 29th/22nd Battalion
amalgamated with 22nd Battalion
1942.10.13 29th/46th Australian Infantry Battalion
22nd Battalion unlinked; 46th Battalion amalgamated, and mobilised for war
1946.05.15 disbanded
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