Top 10 Savvy Women in Podcasting for 2006, Final List

Over the past 10-days, I introduced my selection of the Top 10 Savvy Women in Podcasting for 2006.

They’re not hot, nor are they brainless. Instead, these 10 women are smart, savvy and chose to use podcasting in an innovative way to educate others, increase sales, decrease costs, make money or raise their profile. They all contributed something unique to the field of podcasting and are blazing their own trail.

Here are the 10 women I covered over the past 10-days.

Penny Haynes is the producer behind the successful International Podcasting Expo (IPE).

Dr. Kathleen King launched 2 services this year to help bring together educators interested in podcasting, and BX Radio Network.

Donna Papacosta teaches communicators how to use podcasting to compliment other communication tools.

Joanne Colan was handpicked to host the hugely successful video podcast, Rocketboom, at one of its most critical points.

Amber MacArthur is helping mainstream audiences learn more about podcasting and all things technology through her daily segment on a mainstream television station.

Colette Vogele co-authored the Podcasting Legal Guide to help podcast producers understand how to use content in their podcasts.

Amanda Congdon owns a 49% stake in one of the most popular video podcasts.

Gretchen Vogelzang & Paige Heninger, better known as the hosts of, were the first female podcasters to ink a 6-figure sponsorship deal with a major coporation.

Audrey Reed-Granger launched one of the first consumer goods podcasts for a Fortune 500 and continues to produce it 18-months later.

Mur Lafferty’s book - Tricks of the Podcasting Masters - is the only podcasting book to make Amazon’s Top 10 Best Books of 2006 in the Reference category.

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20 Responses to “Top 10 Savvy Women in Podcasting for 2006, Final List”

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  3. tim posgate Says:

    I know a lot of women who are against celebrating Women based on the “one step forward, two steps back” theory.

    Personally, I think it is great seeing women celebrated like this. I find women to be under-represented in creative situations on the internet and this is a good reminder of how many great women are on the net and that this is only scratching the surface.

  4. Rob Walch Says:

    Sorry but any list of the top women in Podcasting that leaves off Mur Lafferty from Geek Fu Action Grip, I Should Be Writing, and co-author of “Tricks of the Podcasting Masters” is not a definitive list.

    No Female Podcaster has been more influential in the podcasting world than Mur. As picked by Peers - Here is a list of the most influential Podcasts.

    Mur is the Top female on the list.

    What she did with the Dragon Con Podcasting Track and Psuedopod. Her influence is amazing. Not to mention she was the first female Author of a podcasting book – One that was picked as a top 10 Reference book in 2006 by Amazon’s editors, making it the only Podcasting book to be selected as a top 10 book in 2006.

    Additionally her work with Senator John Edwards podcast and others makes Mur’s accomplishments in Podcasting second to none - Male or Female.

    To leave her off the list in my opinion is a tragedy and I hope something that is corrected, otherwise it just makes the list look silly.

    Best Regards,

    Rob Walch

    PS - Yes I am her co-author on “Tricks of the Podcasting Masters” but that does not negate anything above.

    PSS - I forgot to mention her presenting at the First Duke Podcasting Symposium.

  5. Bryan Person, Says:


    I don’t think Leesa’s list is “silly” just because she didn’t include Mur. Leesa’s profiled 10 influential women in podcasting, and each of the 10 has done excellent work in carrying the medium forward.

    After all, it’s “Leesa Barnes’ Top 10,” which means she has her own perspective which is going to differ from Podcast Pickle’s or Amazon’s.

    Plus, I like that Leesa has identified some people that I’ve never heard of, and that I can now learn more about. This is certainly not to take away anything from Mur, who has clearly done some good work of her own, but her exclusion doesn’t diminish the quality of the 10 that Leesa has chosen.

    –Bryan Person

  6. Rob Walch Says:


    You are correct - Silly is not the proper word I was looking for.

    “Incomplete” would have been better used there. Kind of like having a list of inluential Bloggers and leaving off Robert Scobble or Dave Winer.

    I meant no disresepect to the list of women chosen - but I feel Mur clearly belongs in this list, as does Cali Lewis from Geek Brief and Swoopy from Skepticallity. All of which have had significant impact in the Podcasting Community.

    If one is going to put together a list like this - one should expect some feedback on the validity of the list - especially when the word “Definitive” is thrown around. Which this list clearly is not. It is just a Partial List of Women Podcasters - IMHO.

    Rob @ podCast411

  7. Rob Walch Says:

    I almost forgot Elisabeth Lewin from Podcasting News and a few others.

    So here is an additional List of Women in Podcasting I feel should be added to the list above (In no Particular Order).

    Mur Lafferty - Geek Fu Action Grip, I Should Be Writing
    Cali Lewis - Geek Brief TV
    Swoopy - Skepticallity
    Elisabeth Lewin - Podcasting News
    Chemda - Keith and the Girl
    Violet Blue - Open Source Sex, and now the San Fran Chronicle
    Nicole Simon - Useful sounds
    Denise Howell - This Week in Law
    Elisabeth Edwards - Senator John Edwards Podcast
    Heather Green - Business Week

    See how easy it is to make lists. I would say each Women in my list is as influential as any women in the list above. Again not to take away from the list above - just to point out that the list should not be limited to 10 Women. Hopefully Leesa will continue her list and profile these women and more.

    Rob @ podCast411

  8. Bryan Person, Says:

    Now there you go, Rob. Maybe Leesa should expand her efforts to be a Top 50 list!

    Her 10 plus your 10 make a great start.

    What do you say, Leesa?

  9. Leesa Barnes Says:

    Patience, patience, patience. I have yet to put together a list of Top 10 women to watch in podcasting in 2007, which is coming. Some of the women that Rob mentioned are actually on that list.

    Thanks for adding your suggestions, Rob. And thanks for looking out, Bryan.

  10. Andrea - Just One More Book!! Podcast Says:

    Hi Leesa,

    Weighing in late, as usual.

    In my books, “has savvy” does not equate to “sold books”, “impressed lots of people”, “got lots of attention” or “made lots of money” . In my books, a person with podcasting savvy uses the medium to inspire, inform, create dialogue and share ideas with the ultimate goal of making the world a better place. (not very macho of me, I suppose)

    By my definition, Vivian Vasquez, of the CLIP Podcast ( has podcasting savvy (well — all round, real world savvy) and she *does* make the world a better place.

    If you haven’t listened to CLIP, you have a treat in store…

    Happy Holidays and all the best for a Savvy/07,
    A podcast about the children’s books we love and why we love them — recorded in our favourite coffee shop

  11. guy stevenson Says:

    Joanne Colan? I only hope you are kidding.

  12. Leesa Barnes Says:

    Ummm….guy (or whatever your name is), to ask me that question means you must be kidding.

    Andrea, I like your definition and thanks for highlighting yet another female podcaster that’s out there making waves. I’ve got yet another podcast to subscribe to.

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  15. Nobilis Says:

    Rob Walch, thanks for including Violet Blue. Leaving her out was a big hole in the list.

  16. Whitney Hoffman Says:

    I feel fortunate to have mat, virtually and in person, some of these women, and they are simply amazing. I started out listening to Mommycast and Mur, and now have my own show; I met Leesa at Podcamp, and my show is also part of Dr. King’s iLearn radio- (can’t wait to meet her at Podcamp NYC in person!) It’s a time when anyone with energy and vision can get their voices heard in a way that didn’t seem possible only a few years ago. People that were simply “moms” now can have an (inter)national audience and be appreciated for their vision and voice like never before. Hurray!

  17. Jody Colvard Says:

    Great job Leesa!

    It’s wonderful to see women getting recognition for their great works they are creating in this wonderful new media, podcasting.

    Check out the Women in Podcasting Directory, where You can find categories of top women podcasters in all areas of interest:

    Launching in March 2007 is the Women in Podcasting Festival where you can listen, view and vote on your favorite women podcasts.

    All My Best!


    PS Take a look at the women’s podcast community there as well, a great place to connect with other women podcasters.

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