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Lloyd Alexander is a prominent author, best known for fantasy fiction for children and young adults. He has won many major literary awards including the School Library Journal's Best Book of the Year Award, The Boston Globe-Horn Book Award as well as the prestigous Newbery Award. His influences are mythological and historical tales. He once said:

"Shakespeare, Dickens, Mark Twain and so many others were my dearest friends and greatest teachers. I loved all the world's mythologies: King Arthur was one of my heroes."

Lloyd Alexander has written over 30 books for juveniles and adults. He is still actively writing and publishing books today. He has a great passion for music and is a capable artist. Today he remains a dedicated advocate for children's literature.

"In books for young people, I was able to express my own deepest feelings far more than I could ever do in writing for adults."

Lloyd Alexander was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1924. He learned to read at the young age of three and as a youth, enjoyed reading the Greek and Celtic myths and the tales of King Arthur. At age 15, Alexander decided to become an author. After his nineteenth birthday, Alexander dropped out of a local teachers college and joined the U.S. Army. He was stationed in Paris, France where his literary career and personal life reached a turning point. He was befriended by Gertrude Stein and fell in love with and married Janine Denni. He currently lives in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania with his wife and their cats.

Major Awards
The Black Cauldron
*Child's Study Association for America's Children's Books of the Year
Taran Wanderer
*School Library Journal's Best Book of the Year
The High King
*Newbery Medal
*Child's Study Association for America's Children's Books of the Year
*National Book Award Finalist
*American Book Award Finalist for Fiction
The Fortune-Tellers
*Boston Globe-Horn Book Award
Some Books

The Black Cauldron. New York: Holt, 1965. Taran the assistant Pig-Keeper embarks on an adventure with Prince Gwydion in an attempt to save the imaginary land of Prydain from the evil powers of Arwan, Lord of the Land of Death.

The Book of Three. New York: Holt, 1964. Taran is the assistant Pig-Keeper to Dallben, the most powerful enchanter in Prydain. He meets Lord Gwydion who is in search of Taran's pig HenWen who is a possesser of great knowledge.

The High King. New York: Holt, 1968. Arwan the Death Lord has possession of a magical sword and hopes to make it serve his purpose of evil. Taran and Prince Gwydion raise an army against him in this last adventure of the Prydain Chronicles.

"After all, how can we afford to be less than our dreams?"

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