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Orphaned Land's success along the years is an outcome of several reasons, such as originality & musical uniqueness, combining oriental elements with metal music. Those native trends in the band's character came as a refreshing breeze to the whole scene, and brought many follow-ups alike. Lyrics - Orphaned Land is amongst the few unique bands that chose to praise the lord in their lyrics in this dark genre, side by side with lyrics discussing satanism, pain, god's abandonment etc.

Orphaned Land reflects a certain paradox in many ways. Try to think of the yen-yang symbol (see above at the headline): Imagine Orphaned Land to be the white dot in the whole black space, the world of metal & darkness, and at the same time it's the black dot in the white space, the world of god, religion & pureness. You can clearly see that Orphaned Land illustrates as a bright shining spark in the black world of metal music, where in the heavenly world, Orphaned Land remains as a black band, coming from the world of darkness, the metal music world.
:: Concept -> The Concept of "El Norra Alila"
"EL NORRA ALILA" is a poem song by the jewish people during the "Yom Kippur" (day of forgiveness) as a plea of forgiveness by god. With the exertion of a verbal translation, we can find hundreds of hidden meanings behind each lines of this poem, for instance it's definite by: "NOR" (written in white on the front cover) is an arabian word which means "the light" and we can find on it's complete opposition the word "ALILA" (written in black) which can be definite as "the night". Hidden in the title, you can also decipher "EL" (God) an hebrew word, symbol of the good (written in white) and "RA" (bad) his opposite (written in black), the evil side of our life. With the division of the title in "EL NORRA ALILA", we can connect the meaning of this concept album: "GOD OF LIGHT - EVIL OF THE NIGHT". "SHIR HASHIRIM" is the most specific track of the album. All connections of the Orphaned Land message is clearly state. As the dedication of the album to God, "SHIR HASHIRIM" is the song of the songs. It cross-checks the 3 principles monotheistic religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. All based on the same God, it result a specific poem's structure in 3 parts. Each of those parts is dedicated to one of them: a prayer for each religion. The final substance in the translation of those coupled prayers is sounding thus:

"Omnipotent father, God, creator of all, have mercy. Mighty God, fearsome God, find us forgiveness in the hour of heavens locking".