Yokozuna Memorial Show Results from Allentown, PA 11-29-01
    Submitted by Calvin Martin on Friday, November 30, 2001 at 1:28 PM EST

    Thanks to Mark Clemson for sending this report in!

    World Xtreme Wrestling returned to the Lehigh Valley
    Sports Zone (WXW Arena) on Wednesday, November 28th,
    2001 for the Yokozuna Memorial Show. This event, which
    many people called the independent wrestling show of
    the year, was to help out the two children of the
    former World Wrestling Federation Champion.

    To start off the evening, the entire array of talent
    that converged in Allentown for the show came out to
    the ring for the playing of our National Anthem. Afa
    "the Wild Samoan" Anoa'I with his wife and Yokozuna's
    two children, Keilani and Justin, entered the ring.
    Afa took the microphone and thanked everyone for
    coming to the show to support his family. A video
    segment, made by WXW Ring Announcer Scott Matthews,
    was played that showed clips of Yokozuna from the
    World Wrestling Federation, as well as family home
    videos to the tune of "I Will Remember You" by Sarah
    McLachlin There was not a dry eye in the house. Afa
    then introduced members of his family that were in
    attendance, such as Sika, his brother and former WWF
    Tag Team Championship partner, and his grandparents.

    The first match up of the night was a continuation of
    an old rivalry. Supreme Lee Great accompanied by
    Little Jeanie was determined to get revenge on
    "Smooth" Tommy Suede, who was accompanied by Ariel.
    There was a lot of back and forth action going on both
    inside and outside the ring. We knew of the feud
    between Suede and SLG, but Ariel and Jeanie seemed to
    hate each other just as much. Unfortunately for SLG,
    he also felt the wrath of Ariel, as she hit him with a
    splash from the top turnbuckle to the floor. After
    that, Suede brought him back into the ring and hit the
    "emerald slam" for the win!

    WXW TV Title Match: Afa, Jr. v. Nuisance w/ Valentina

    This was Nuisance's first match back since he returned
    from his tour of Puerto Rico and it looked like he
    brought something back, as his valet, Valentina,
    caught the eye of many of the male fans in attendance.
    Afa, Jr., however, was not impressed with her as he
    put his total attention on Nuisance. Afa, Jr. took it
    to Nuisance and won with a frogsplash. After the
    match, Metal Maniac, who was doing TV color
    commentary, jumped Afa, Jr. and was beating the snot
    out of him, when Reno Anoa'i, nephew of Afa and cousin
    of Afa, Jr., came into the ring for the save. The two
    Samoans chased the Maniac out of the ring. Maniac, on
    the way out, was saying, "This time it was 2-on-1,

    The third match of the night was an 8-man tag team
    title match featuring independent talent from all over
    the country such as WXW and HWA. The first team of
    Fargo, Reno (of WCW fame), Inferno and WXW
    Cruiserweight champion, "ShowTime" Shane Black, didn't
    seem to care about the fans and why they were here.
    Their opponents were "Xtreme" Billy Dream w/ Jessica
    Daly, Protégé, B.A.D. and Doink "the Clown". As would
    be expected, the referee lost all control of the match
    within minutes and didn't regain it. The end of the
    match saw all eight men in the ring, but Reno hit the
    downward spiral on B.A.D. for the win!

    The next tag team contest pitted the Tonga Kid, of the
    Islanders tag team of the 1980s, and the returning
    Hungarian Barbarian taking on the Twin Tackles in a
    non-title match. The Tackles knew they were the
    underdogs of the match and surprised EVERYONE in the
    building as they acquired the services of the "Manager
    of Champions", Bill Alfonso. The Tackles grew cocky as
    the match went on, figuring Alfonso would guide them
    to the tough win, but would Alfonso be a factor in the
    match? Alfonso did play a part for the Tackles, but it
    wasn't the part he, or they, wanted to play. Alfonso
    grabbed a chair and wanted to hit the Hungarian
    Barbarian and the Tonga Kid, but ended up hitting
    Snisky with it and Tonga Kid hit the Samoan Drop for
    the win! The Twin Tackles, however, remain the WXW Tag
    Team Champions.

    Another tag team match featured the current HWA Tag
    Team Champions, The Island Boys, who took on the team
    of Malachi and "5-Star" Cory K w/ Katarina Heiss. The
    Island Boys used their size and weight advantages to
    the newly formed team of Malachi and Cory K. However,
    they were surprised a few times during the match at
    the continuity of Cory and Malachi. In the end though,
    Ekmo hit the frogsplash on Malachi for the win!

    In his WXW Allentown Debut, "The Star" Eric Cobian
    took on "Big Dawg" Molsonn. During the match, former
    WWF Champion Bob Backlund came out and greeted the
    family of Yokozuna. Cobian gave a great showing as he
    took just about everything the former WXW Champion
    could dish out, but couldn't survive the Molsonnsault.
    Molsonn then got the 1-2-3 for the pin.

    The next match, which was one of the best match of the
    night, pitted two of the best overall wrestlers
    around. Indy Sensation, Low Ki, with Dylan Dean, took
    on a graduate of the Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling
    Training Center and hometown boy, Billy Kidman. Low
    Ki, whose body is a weapon, used his deadly karate
    kicks to set Billy up for the Ki Krusher and Dragon
    Clutch, but Kidman kept coming back. In fact, Kidman
    reversed the Ki Krusher and regained his offense. Low
    Ki showed he could take just as much punishment as he
    could dish out. Dylan Dean, sensing his man was in
    trouble, got up on the ring apron and went to help his
    man, but instead they met head-to-head and this
    allowed Billy Kidman to hit the face buster and get
    the win!

    The battle between 3-Count and the Jung Dragons was
    revived tonight as Shannon Moore took on Jamie Knoble.
    These two cruiserweights continued their feud and
    dazzled the 1000 people in attendance at the Lehigh
    Valley Sports Zone. After about 10 minutes of back and
    forth action, Moore hit the "bottoms up" and got the

    The next match pitted two Indy sensations, as it was
    Skinhead Ivan, a man who doesn't like anyone, taking
    on Homicide, the trainer of Low Ki and Da Hit Squad.
    Homicide didn't allow Ivan to get any sort of offense
    and put him away quickly by hitting the "Toyota Bomb"
    for the win.

    The next match featured four superstars from the World
    Wrestling Federation as it was the APA, Faarooq and
    Bradshaw, taking on the "Brothers of Destruction",
    Kane and the Undertaker. Bradshaw grabbed the
    microphone and said he was sick and tired of making
    the Undertaker money when they were in the Ministry of
    Darkness and getting no respect. Kane and 'Taker hit
    the ring and the match was on. The building became a
    "standing room only" building. This match was one of
    the hardest-hitting matches I have ever seen in my
    life as the Undertaker got the win for his team after
    he hit Faarooq with a chokeslam.

    The main event of the evening was next, as it was Da
    Hit Squad w/ Dylan Dean getting ready to take the next
    step. Earlier in the evening Monsta Mack told me in an
    interview, "We're ready to kick ass and take names
    tonight, but don't know who our opponents are going to

    When asked if he was worried he replied, "Hell No we
    are the 'stiffest tag team' in the business today!"

    When Da Hit Squad were in the ring and their opponents
    were announced, Monsta Mack's jaw dropped. It was the
    Headshrinkers, Samu and Rikishi. The Shrinkers hit the
    ring and immediately took control. In fact, three
    minutes later the match was over and Samu and Rikishi
    each hit their respective moves on Da Hit Squad and
    got the quick win.

    After the match, Lance, Samu's son, nailed Dylan Dean
    with an elbow and Rikishi gave him the stink face.
    After this occurred, the wrestlers all came out of the
    locker room and with the audience starting chanting
    "Yoko, Yoko" as Rikishi and Samu pointed to the sky
    and said "This is for you USO!"

    Afa "the Wild Samoan" would like to thank everyone who
    attended the show both the fans and wrestlers alike. A
    special "Thank You" goes out to the stars of the World
    Wrestling Federation such as Undertaker, Kane, Referee
    Tim White, Billy Kidman, Chris Kanyon and the APA who
    were traveling since 5:30 that morning to make it in
    time for the show.

    This historic show was taped for the WXW Net Cast and
    will be up early next week. Join myself, Mark Clemson,
    doing commentary with Phil May and from the
    Philadelphia Daily News, "Mad Dog" Tearson. To view
    these shows go to http://www.thebaldguy.net

    For World Xtreme Wrestling I Am,
    Mark Clemson

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