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GameGirlz Women Spotlight Interview with Anna Kang
Director of Business Development for id Software

  GameGirlz Weekly Women Spotlight!

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Name: Katherine Anna Kang
Age: 28
Location: Mesquite, texas
Occupation: Handle business, marketing, and public relations for id Software, the world's leading developer of 3D action games
Job Title:
Director of Business Development
Industry Background/degree:
Vice President of Marketing for Toucan Enterprises Director of Marketing for Koo Koo Roo, Inc. General Sales and Marketing Administrator for Wolfgang Puck Company UCLA drop out... trying to follow the footsteps of other famous drop outs.
Game Interests:
Everything by id Software.  I tend to lean towards action and strategic games, but whatever venue, if the game holds my attention for longer than a weekend, it has done well.

"If you have a good idea, make it happen.  Good ideas are a dime a dozen. You have to do something with
your idea to make it valuable.  Success tends to be reserved for the doers rather than the dreamers."

[GG] How did you get started in the Gaming Industry?
I loved playing Quake, started the first All Female Quake Tournament, and the rest is history.

[GG] Tell me about your role as "biz girl" for id Software. What sort of things do you do?
I sit around bossing people around... just kidding!

I have a very diverse role.  Much of my time is spent with our distributors sorting out various marketing, packaging, and legal issues, but I'm also responsible in creating marketing plans, handling public relations and customer service, and making sure the development part of the id team don't get bothered with non-development type issues.  For example:  We have several requests a day regarding tournaments, visits, sponsorships, lectures, business propositions, etc.  Making sure everyone receives a proper response can be a full time job in itself.  The development team's focus is creating games and as such, they should not be bothered with non-development type issues.  It's my job to make sure that such requests get taken care of appropriately.  The business aspect of the job can vary from day to day depending on what particular project I may be involved in. The general attitude at id Software is that we do what must be done and I follow that principle.

[GG] Is working at a gaming company something you have always wanted to do?
I've always wanted to work with extremely talented, focused and hard working individuals and for a company that rewards such aspirations.  It's difficult to find individuals with such character, I'm lucky to have found both the right company and the people.

[GG] What do you like most about your job? What is the hardest part?
Most, the feeling of achievement. Least, the fact that I need sleep.  It's difficult knowing that I could do more if I had the extra 8 hours a day to get additional things accomplished.  There's just not enough hours in a day.

[GG] What is it about id Software that made you want to work there?
The people, the products, and the experience.

[GG] Describe a bit about the game your company is currently working on.
QUAKE III Arena is a first-person action game with single and multiplayer capabilities.  It will be built on a completely new technology engine that will enable the latest 3D graphics capabilities.  I'm already amazed with what I've seen.  It is so incredibly cool watching its progress... I can't wait for them to finish the game so I can start playing it.  I'm sure the guys will start getting sick of me asking when we'll get to frag.  What I've seen so far is beautiful... it makes me impatient to see more.  Once you see what I'm talking about, I'm sure you'll agree.  This game is going to be so awesome!  But I stray... :)  let me mention some improvements. This may get a bit technical to some readers, but I believe the general idea will be understood. The game will have improvements in the following ways:

Graphics: Smoothly curved geometry, hierarchically connected models with multiple levels of detail.
Powerful new surface rendering capabilities such as specular maps, glow maps, filter maps, environment maps, morphed textures, and more. High detail texture sets optimized for large memory AGP cards, yet scalable for PCI based cards

Internet Play:  Built in user-friendly Internet play (anyone who can use a browser will be able to connect and play on the Internet).  New network architecture with significant improvements in gameplay, responsiveness, and smoothness over Internet connections.

Gameplay: Single and multiplayer deathmatch style tournament ladder progression. Players will compete against tougher and meaner opponents as their skills are sharpened. Wide range of computer controlled opponents to battle.  Wide variety of customizable arena configuration for your gameplay

[GG] A fair number of people involved in on-line gaming, probably remember you best as "NabeO of the AFT". Did working on this event in any way shape your goals or views and reflect on you to become more involved in computer games and work in the industry?
I started the AFT because I loved the games id Software produced.  It was the best money I ever spent on entertainment.  I never had aspirations to work in the gaming industry, but my AFT achievements highlighted my ability to get things accomplished in whatever venue I chose.  When you can show the world that you are a doer, people become interested and have confidence in your abilities.  My goals have always been simple.  Do what you feel good about.  If it doesn't feel good, it's time to move on.

[GG] Do you think that the games your company designs are games women would want to play?
I have first hand experience and further evidence to support that women enjoy playing the games produced by id Software.

[GG] Where do you see yourself in 5 years, and what will you be doing? What does the future hold for Anna Kang?
I hope to do the best I can for id Software for as long as I'm with the company, be it five years, less than five years or more.  Though five years is a long time to project into the future, if I had to guess, I'd see myself doing one of three things:   AI research, working in my own company, or still with id Software.

[GG] Any words of advice you have to females out there who would love to be doing what you are doing for a career?
If you have a good idea, make it happen.  Good ideas are a dime a dozen. You have to do something with your idea to make it valuable.  Success tends to be reserved for the doers rather than the dreamers.

Thanks Anna!
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