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Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

Southern Rock

Birmingham, AL



Our friends over at Generator79 have put together a great E-team for Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster...wanna join? If so, head over to and click on the “Join” button. You’ll help spread the word about “II” and be able to earn some cool prizes like CDs, t-shirts and more. They have some other great bands you can sign up for as well, if you are just into promoting good music to the masses. All in all, a great way to help out Maylene!


Mother Maylene’s six assassins have released their newest album, “II”, today.  We suggest you head over to your local HOT TOPIC and pick up the record, but if you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your computer, then head over to ITUNES and download it now.  The band is currently on tour with Haste The Day and From Autumn To Ashes through the beginning of May, then they hit the road for 2 weeks of shows with UNDEROATH (check out all tour dates HERE)

The date is January 16, 1935. After a twenty-year spree of organized crime, mayhem, and murder, Ma Barker lie slain from a shootout with authorities in a backwoods cabin just outside of Ocala, Florida. In her bloody hand she clenched her tommy-gun as she exhaled her last breath, a picture of perfect justice as one of the last organized crime bosses of the 20th Century. She and her four sons, who comprised the Barker-Karpis Gang, had purged a path of infamy throughout the South that would not soon be forgotten. And though many would have her story be silenced, some tales speak even louder from the grave.

Years passed. Decades came and went. Generations handed down the tale of Ma Barker and her sons as a warning to wrongdoers across the Southern United States. Eventually the story would reach an Ocala youth named Dallas Taylor, who was both impacted and haunted by the tale throughout his childhood. So much so, in fact, that he was led to create his own crew of insurgents in the wake of Ma's legacy, 70 years later. You will come to know them as Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster.

"What has always struck me about the Ma Barker story is how much it symbolizes the idea of 'what goes around, comes around.' Divine justice is unavoidable. When I was a kid, I would see re-enactments of the Barker shooting in Ocala every year with my Grandpa, and it was as if Ma Barker and her sons were still screaming their story to anyone who would listen. Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster is made up of five dudes who play the role of the Barker sons, and in these songs we speak as though we were them, telling any who would listen that a life lived unjustly will meet divine justice on the other side. We also wanted to think of the most crazy backwoods theme possible for this band. Since Ma was backwoods, and we are backwoods, this is the way it had to be."

Download our debut self-titled album at ChasingVictory

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MAYLENE and the SONS of DISASTER's new music video -- for the surging track "Dry the River"...

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  • II


  • The Day Hell Broke Loose At Sicard Hollow

    The Day Hell Broke Loose At Sicard Hollow

  • Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster

    Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster

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Holy National Victims says:

tough as john jacobs is wicked! and so are the other songs! greets from luxembourg rock'n'roll yeah!!!

posted Jun 14

mewithoutjean says:

I cant wait for the new video. The trailer is on my page now. Ill promote it as best as I can. Oh and get the rest of your band friends on Virb. :) we need more bands on here...

posted May 31

Reese says:

Just wanted to say you guys were awesome at Cornerstone FL!

posted May 14

mewithoutjean says:

awesome! glad to see you on virb. stick with it please, cause i love it, and it beats myspace totally. i love your music. its freakin rad. keep it up and God bless.

posted May 5

OMG says: guys are so effin awesome!

posted May 2

eric says:

i really love the new album gentlemen. see you may 4th in millvale, pa

posted Apr 25

blánche says:

come back to texas

posted Apr 13

Salas says:

mmm...i love me some southern in the morning...and afternoon...and at night.

posted Mar 28

We Are The Hunts says:

the new album freakin' rocks! thank you, thank you for making kickass music.

posted Mar 21

Bill-Watts says:

I saw you guy's a couple weeks back in buffalo, your show was amazing!

posted Mar 19

Friend A says:

you guys put on a great show every time i see you. nice job guys Alex Boise, ID

posted Mar 19

Brad McConnell says:

The chorus of Dry The River is like angels singing on clouds... while cleaning their shotguns and spitting tobaccy...

posted Mar 15

Eric says:

i love your music!!! come to WI... aight??

posted Mar 9