Phil Dale for International Artist's Present's

"Indiana Chuckles and the Kingdom

 of the Mythical Sulk"

Paul and Barry are Back for 2008 with a brand new Tour! It Begins in a faraway land that time forgot, the ancient treasures and mysteries of an old and forgotten tribe lay in hiding for only the brave (and the mistaken) to find...! One day Paul and Barry see a job advertisement in the paper. But they can't read the print very well as someone has spilt tomato ketchup on the article. They think it reads ‘Reward for anyone brave enough to travel’. The rest of the article is smudged and can’t be seen. Paul says: "We can do that!" Barry replied: "Oh dear oh dear, something isn't right!" And so it was that our hapless heroes set off on another adventure full of mistakes, pitfalls and danger! Guaranteed fun and thrills for all the family from 3 to 103 is promised.


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