Who Was Behind The Killing Of Six Female Marines?








The Ambush

A convoy of female Marines was attacked and slaughtered. The timing of the attack, the inside information needed to perform it, the sophistication of the bombing, and the viciousness of the ordeal, all point to Israeli intelligence behind it.










What Happened?

A small convoy of female Marines was sent to various checkpoints around Fallujah. Their job is to search female Arabs for bombs, and small arms.

By a quirk, some 'Insurgents' had a massive bomb in place, and as the truck passed, the bomb detonated. Two female Marines were killed, four were captured, and five more are critical.








Firefight After Bomb

The bomb took out the truck, and there was a subsequent firefight. Two Marines were slaughtered as they tried to protect the girls. Two female marines were killed, and four were captured. They were found a week later at a garbage dump, with their throats slashed.

Gen. Natonski, who is in charge of Fallujah, was unable to comment.








Local Muslim Clerics React

Muslims don't kill young women. We live for our families.

Look to the Israeli IDF for the perpetrators, that you brought into Iraq as advisors. Bush, and his Zionist advisors, allowed these snakes to slither into our country, now we both pay the price.








Who Are These Girls?

They aren't New York debutants, or socialites, or girls from the Brandeis. These are 18 and 19 year-olds, who are out to learn a skill such as air traffic controller, IT management, computer repair, etc. They were looking to combine this with a college bonus. That's what the Marines were going to give them.

99% of them had no idea they would be in front line combat.










The General  In Charge Was Natonski

Natonski was promoted to Major General for his Fallujah massacre.

The military has taken the position that females will take combat positions. Natonski is a rabid Zionist.









General Franks

Franks was a nobody, who was suddenly put in charge of Iraq. The Neo-Cons, especially Dov Zakheim, were his sponsors. In 2003, General Franks instituted an order that female Marines must man checkpoints to examine women.









The Timing

In May 2005, a Marine convoy took small arms fire and a Marine outpost came under sniper fire. A UAV flying reconnaissance filmed the attackers, and a Marine patrol called in a small group of armored SUV's as the perps.

When the IDF mercenaries refused to stop, the Marines used tire spikes.

They were dragged out at gunpoint, became belligerent and the Marines subdued them and ripped off their 'Star of David' necklaces, cuffed them, and brought them to Camp Fallujah. They were threatened with dogs, thrown in a cell, and given bottles to urinate in.

Someone Pulled Strings

These Mercenaries were on a jet in three days. The news media yelled Marine brutality, and also complained of religious discrimination.








So What Really Happened?

Israel has been pulling False Flag terror attacks in Iraq for two years. The Mossad even blew up their own headquarters, when they were manufacturing bombs and one of them exploded prematurely. They have blew up countless Christian churches in Iraq, as well as many Mosques, in attempts to stir up civil war in Iraq among sectarian lines. Israeli special ops were behind killing these marines.

Watch this video and decide for yourself who would have the insider Intelligence access and logistics to carry out such an attack.




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