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Your Momma's art in a strange land

If it seems like the words "festival" and "appropriation" don't go together, you probably haven't heard DJ Dangermouse's "The Grey Album." Reaching one hand into rock 'n' roll at its most fresh-faced and one into classic hip-hop, the DJ ran Jay-Z's ...


Not black and white, not wrong or right

If we could reimagine our world as a Norman Rockwell painting, our nighttime news would look a whole lot different than it does today. There would be no intolerance, no hatred, no murder; the news would run wonderful stories about miraculous ...


Bringing out the Dead in Père Lachaise

In 1996, Peruvian-born filmmaker Heddy Honigmann met a 70-year-old woman named Lucia in the middle of a cemetery in Andalusia. She was smoking a cigarette and humming to herself. She remarked to Honigmann that she only smoked...


'American Gangster' is new American gangster classic

Two men, parallel lives, different outcomes. Sort of. Director Ridley Scott and writer Steven Zaillian crafted the two main characters in the new epic drama "American Gangster," using this age-old story-telling device to capture and hold...


Math + rock = electrophoria

Tired of the handclaps and cowbells increasingly stuck into indie tracks? Do you skim your iTunes with your chin in your hand and sigh, thinking that your collection just isn't freaky enough these days? Or maybe that's just me. But Battles...


Backstreet Boyz II … Backstreet Men?

I'm not sure why I enjoy reminiscing about my childhood so much, but whatever the reason, I'm often caught listening to the teeny-bopper music that defined my sixth-grade music collection, or watching Dawson's Creek. So naturally...


Cleaning the dirt from under the rug

College houses are swimming cesspools of dead skin, pubic hair, beer caps and that popcorn from two weeks ago, not shining examples of cleanliness. Whether it's apathy or lack of time, perhaps the dirt simply speaks to the chaos of life in college....

Holla Backlash

Happy Thursday, Hollababes! We sure hope ya'll cast your votes Tuesday, 'cause if there's one thing we love, it's democracy! Sure, the Big Deal's next year, but it doesn't hurt to do your foundin' fathers proud! We're sure Benny Franklin...

Visit the Holla Backlash main page to find all of the Holla Backlash articles. Holla Backlash is an entertaining column with witty insights and clever writing.

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