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ISO 27001

Acuity provides a full ISO 27001 service, supported by its risk assessment and compliance solution, STREAM


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Acuity Launches STREAM


STREAM is an innovative portfolio of products for integrated risk and assurance management.

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Easy to use management dashboards provide ‘at a glance’ real-time views of essential business information:

  • Are we operating at above or below our risk appetite?

  • Where are the risk ‘hot spots’?

  • Which control weaknesses are putting us most at risk?

  • Are we getting a good return on investment from risk management?

    • Configurable to address any type of risk

    • Aggregate business and enterprise wide views

    • Drill-down to risks or controls of concern

    • Configurable quantitative or qualitative risk assessment processes

    • Configurable control assessment processes, including compliance against control standards

    • Action tracking

    • Rich set of gauges, barometers, graphical reports and charts

    • Single-user or Enterprise-wide deployment with role-based access control

    • Single-user or Enterprise-wide deployment with role-based access control
    1. Better business performance
      Easy management visibility of risks in relation to business performance allows earlier anticipation and resolution of emerging issues

    2. Leaner operations
      Replacement of time-consuming manual systems with efficient enterprise-wide processes reduces the headcount needed for compliance and risk management activities

    3. Optimised risk management
      Risk metrics providing easy benchmarking and ROI visibility allow resources to be better targeted on areas of highest risk

    4. Greater assurance
      Improved risk visibility reduces costs in demonstrating compliance and provides greater assurance that operations are lawful

    Stream DashboardStream Standards
    STREAM Dashboard provides very flexible easy to use risk dashboards suitable for enterprise-wide corporate risk monitoring, project and programme risk management and operational risk management.

    Dashboards are configured in relation to business, programme or project structures and users throughout the enterprise can add and assess risks, controls and actions in relation to objectives and risk appetite.

    Aggregation, drill-down and reporting provides ‘at a glance’ views on risk and compliance status by business area, programme or project.
    STREAM Standards provides all the features of STREAM Dashboard but, in addition, monitors real-time risk and compliance status against any control standard.

    This is ideal for organisations that
    deploy common control standards across the Enterprise but need to understand, in real-time, the risks to business objectives that still remain.

    STREAM Standards also allows organisations to measure and demonstrate their compliance with publicly available control standards.

    Build your own STREAM Risk Management Solution

    Many organisations have existing “manual” risk management processes that work but which are time-consuming or difficult to use. STREAM has been designed as a fully configurable risk management meta-system which allows easy creation of automated solutions for existing risk process. Configurable items include:

    • Business, programme or project hierarchy for aggregation and drill-down

    • Quantitative or qualitative risk assessment for any type or category of risk

    • Units of measurement for impact, risk appetite and residual risk,e.g. £, $, €, %service levels, 1—10 scale

    • Metrics such as cost-schedule-quality for project risks, confidentiality-integrity-availability for information risks,strategic-legal-technology-human resources for corporate risks

    • Any internal or publicly available control standards and the criteria by which controls are assessed

    • Dashboard colour schemes and a tailorable user interface

    Overview of STREAM

    STREAM for ISO 27001 Information Security Management

    Further information please contact:
    Richard Mayall or Simon Marvell

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