WWF Raw is War Results
    Submitted by Calvin Martin on Monday, July 9, 2001 at 11:10 PM EST

    WWF Raw is War - Monday, July 9, 2001
    Live from Atlanta, Georgia
    Announcers: Paul Heyman and Jim Ross

    Raw immediately starts with the first match.

    Street Fight
    Shane McMahon vs Diamond Dallas Page

    Shane comes to the ring first. Rollin starts up and Undertaker and Sara come to the ring. Undertaker grabs the mic and says with all due respect, it's about mine and I have a score to settle. Page is mine. Shane steps out of the ring. DDP comes out with a chair in hand. Apparently, it will now be DDP vs Undertaker in a street fight. Match starts off with back elbows in the corner by DDP. UT throws DDP into the corner with punches. Running clothesline by UT. Shane enters the ring and attacks UT with the kendo stick. UT catches the stick and hammers Shane in the corner. DDP hits UT in the back with a chair as he was about to give Shane the Last Ride. DDP and Shane kicks UT down in the corner. Sara enters the ring and hits Shane in the back with the kendo stick. DDP gives Sara the diamond cutter! UT lays on top of Sara to protect her. DDP and Shane leave the ring taunting UT. Medical officials stretcher Sara out of the ring.

    Backstage, Shane and DDP celebrate. Shane gives DDP the rest of the night off. DDP leaves on Undertaker's motorcycle.


    Backstage, the medical officials and Undertaker load Sara into the ambulance. Undertaker leaves with her.

    WWF Tag Team Championship
    Dudley Boyz vs APA

    Match starts off with all four brawling. Bradshaw clotheslines Dvon out of the ring. Bubba with an elbow drop on Faarooq for a two count. Faarooq powerslams Bubba for a two count. Bradshaw drops a pair of elbows on Bubba for a two count. Bradshaw with a big boot on Bubba for a two count. Dudleyz double team Bradshaw in their corner. Dvon with a rolling shoulder block on Bradshaw. Bradshaw with a fall away slam on Dvon. Bubba slams Bradshaw to the mat by his hair. Bubba slaps Bradshaw in the corner followed by ten shots to the head. Modified powerbomb by Bradshaw. Faarooq spinebusts Dvon, Bubba breaks the counts and lands on Dvon by accident. Bubba kicks Bradshaw out of the ring. Whassup headbutt on Faarooq. Spike comes to ringside and breaks a crutch over Bubba's back. Bradshaw hits a distracted Dvon with the clothesline from hell for the pin.
    Winners and New WWF Tag Team Champions: APA

    Backstage, Vince talks with Austin over everything that has happened so far tonight, while Debra watches on. Kurt Angle enters wearing his little cowboy hat and he has some presents for Austin and Vince but none for Debra. The presents are a pair of badges to go along with their cowboy hats. Angle opens up his present which is a gold badge to go along with his gold medals. Austin gives his badge to Debra since she didn't get anything. Austin says the badges are pathetic. Austin says Angle's little cowboy hats looks stupid and he got it for him on purpose to make him look like a jackass. Austin reminds Angle how he got his ass kicked on Smackdown last week and then he hypes Angle to go challenge Booker for the title tonight. Angle agrees and leaves.


    Kane is shown arriving to the arena.

    WWF Intercontinental Championship
    Rhyno vs Albert w/ X-Pac

    Both men trade punches. Rhyno with a running knee into Albert's face. Xpac enters the ring and superkicks Rhyno, Albert gets a two count out of it. Albert catapults Rhyno between the ropes. Spinebuster by Rhyno. Rhyno with a belly to back suplex. Rhyno hits a top rope splash for a two count. Albert sidesteps the gore. Rhyno gores X-Pac. Albert hits Rhyno with the scissors kick for the pin.
    Winner: Albert

    Backstage, Angle enters Booker T's dressing room. They introduce themselves to each other. Angle challenges Booker for the WCW title. Booker gladly accepts. Booker makes fun of Angle's little cowboy hat. Angle leaves but not before replying with a classic line right out of Die Hard - "Yippie Kay Yay Mother Hubbard". God bless Bruce Willis.


    Backstage, Kane enters Regal's office. Kane says he wants to take Undertaker's place tonight against Awesome and Storm. Regal agrees.

    Jeff Hardy vs Big Show
    Trish comes down to ringside during the match. Jeff sends Show into the ring post. Jeff runs the security wall on Show. Back in the ring Jeff hits a missile dropkick. Jeff tries another missile dropkick but Show catches him in mid air with a flapjack for the pin. After the match Trish kisses Jeff. Jeff follows Trish to the back.
    Winner: Big Show

    Backstage, Angle is in Austin and Vince's dressing room preparing for his match. Vince reminds Angle how important it is for him to win tonight. Austin says he is the leader of the WWF. Angle suggests he should be the leader if he wins the WCW title. They get into this conversation on Gilligan's Island. Austin and Angle argue over who should be the Skipper and who should be Gilligan. Jericho enters and reminds them of the rumor of had he won the WWF title he was going to defect to WCW. Jericho said he never would have done that and he is WWF4L. Jericho says he wants to stand beside them in the Inaugural Brawl. Austin says they will take it under advisement but right now they don't want him on their team.


    The bra and panties match at Invasion between Lita and Trish Stratus vs Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson is made official.

    Matt and Lita are at WWF New York. Matt says they don't know if they can trust Trish in the bra and panties match.

    Backstage, Shane McMahon hypes Booker T.

    Backstage, Vince and Austin demand that Kurt Angle win tonight. They say the whole locker room is behind him. Angle says he's gonna kick Booker's ass for his country, and he doesn't need Austin or Vince in his corner tonight.


    WCW World Championship
    Kurt Angle vs Booker T w/ Shane McMahon

    Booker kicks Angle down in the corner. Both men trade punches. Side kick by Booker. Angle clotheslines Booker out of the ring. Angle slams Booker's head on the announce table. Shane clotheslines Booker from behind. WCW referee Nick Patrick does nothing about it. Back in the ring Booker hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Booker with a knee drop. Both men trade punches. Both men collide in mid-air. Booker throws Angle out of the ring. Booker drops Angle across the security wall. Booker sends Angle into the ring steps. Back in the ring Angle hits a belly to back suplex. Angle walks into a big boot. Side kick by Booker for a two count. Suplex by Angle. Clothesline by Angle. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Angle. Booker counters the angle slam with a scissors kick. Spinaroonie. Clothesline by Angle. Spinebuster by Booker. Angle counters the enzeguri with the ankle lock. Shane distracts WCW referee Nick Patrick while Booker was tapping. Angle slam on Booker. Earl Hebner runs in but gets pulled out by Patrick. Hebner spears Patrick. Shane hands Booker the WCW title. Booker hits Angle between the eyes with the belt as WCW referee Charles Robinson runs out and makes the pin.
    Winner: Booker T


    Backstage, Vince asks Angle if he is alright. Angle asks where they was at. Austin reminds Angle that he didn't want them out there. Austin says this is why he is gonna be the leader of team WWF at Invasion.

    Backstage, Scott Hudson interviews Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler. Torrie says Vince tried to get her in bed just because he's a billionaire and owns the WWF. It was her pleasure to screw him over. Stacy says the WCW women are more attractive than the WWF ladies and they will prove why the WCW women always come out on top at Invasion in the bra and panties match.

    Backstage, APA tells the Dudleyz they didn't know Spike was going to come out and it's not their fault. They offer a rematch as early as Smackdown and beer on them for tonight. Dudleyz decline the beer offer and say to ask them again at the end of the night.


    Handicapped Match
    Kane vs Lance Storm and Mike Awesome

    Before the match starts Jericho comes to the ring and offers to be Kane's partner. The match is on. Awesome and Kane trade punches. Kane with a sidewalk slam on Awesome. Jericho chops on Awesome. Jericho with a body press on Awesome for a two count. Awesme clotheslines Jericho. Jericho with a flying forearm on Storm. Jericho bulldogs Storm. Double team on Jericho. Awesome kicks Jericho in the head followed up by an elbow for a two count. Jericho with a lionsault on Storm's raised knees. Awesome with a belly to belly throw on Jericho for a two count. Double clothesline on Jericho. Jericho with the enzeguri on Storm. Kane tagged in and cleans house. Kane kicks Storm out of the ring. Kane powerslams Awesome. Kane hits Awesome with a top rope lariat, Storm breaks the count. Storm knocks Jericho out of the ring. Walls of Jericho on Storm. Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer enter the ring and attack Kane and Jericho. The WWF locker room empties and we have a standoff between them and Awesome, Storm, Dreamer, and RVD. All of the WWF guys are ex ECW wrestlers - Dudleyz, Tazz, Credible, Rhyno, and Raven. EVERYONE attacks Kane and Jericho. It's an ECW invasion! Dreamer driver on Jericho. Van daminator on Kane. Paul Heyman enters the ring and gives everyone a high five. Heyman gets on the mic and says he has been sitting down like a corporate sellout next to Ross the whole time doing nothing but talking about the WWF/WCW invasion while everyone has forgotten about ECW. Heyman says all these guys have left WWF and WCW and have joined ECW. Heyman says this invasion has just got taken to the extreme. Jesus Christ. That was just so f'n awesome.
    Winners: THE FANS!


    Backstage, Vince and Shane bump into each other. Shane suggest they start working together. Shane suggests a match for tonight - 5 WCW guys + 5 WWF guys vs 10 ECW guys. Vince agrees although he still insists that WCW is going down.


    Jim Ross is now by himself at the announce table.

    Ligh Heavyweight Championship
    Scotty Too Hotty vs X-Pac

    Clothesline by Scotty. Headscissors takeover by Scotty. Xpac sends Scotty out of the ring. Xpac comes off the top to the outside on Scotty. Back in the ring Xpac hits a snap legdrop for a two count. Xpac kicks Scotty down in the corner. Xpac misses the bronco buster. Clothesline by Scotty. Superkick by Scotty for a two count. Jawbreaker by Scotty. Scotty drops Xpac on the ring apron. Xpac counters a sunset flip by holding the ropes and gets the pin on Scotty.
    Winner: X-Pac

    Backstage, Vince holds a meeting between the WWF and WCW wrestlers. Vince says they have to put an end to this ECW crap tonight. Vince and Shane argue over who's guys each other should follow. Shane says he will personally lead this. Vince says Shane will be personally responsible. After Shane and the WCW guys leave, Vince tells the WWF wrestlers not to listen to a damn word Shane says.


    20 Man Tag Team Match
    (WWF) APA, Bob Holly, Billy Gunn, Big Show + (WCW) Chris Kanyon, Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire, Mark Jindrak, Shawn Stasiak w/ Shane McMahon vs (ECW) Tazz, Dudleyz, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, Justin Credible, Rhyno, Raven, Lance Storm, Mike Awesome

    Before the ECW wrestlers can enter the WWF and WCW guys start brawling with each other. The WWF wrestlers clear the ring. The ECW guys come through the crowd led by Heyman and enter the ring. The ECW guys attack the 5 WWF guys and clear the ring. The WCW guys re-enter the ring and high five the ECW guys. Shane McMahon and Paul Heyman hug. Vince comes out to the top of the stage and says what the hell is going on. Tazmission on Holly. O'Haire does his finisher on Bradshaw. 3D on Faarooq. Top rope Van daminator on Gunn. Shane tells Vince he could never compete with his checkbook but he could outsmart him and he did just that. Shane says he is personally responsible for all of this. Shane says WCW and ECW have merged and at Invasion, ECW and WCW will kick WWF's ass. Shane introduces the new owner of ECW - Stephanie McMahon! Stephanie comes to the ring and her and Shane high five.

    The show ends with Ross saying may God have mercy on our souls.

    What a show!

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